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    Deepfreeze Causing ErrorScan With Delta Scans



      We are a new site with LANdesk 8.7 SP5, approx. 3000 nodes.  Of those, about half of them have Deepfreesze installed.  Our Deepfreeze computers are scheduled to auto power on at 11:00pm, and Deepfreeze turns on maintenance mode from 1am to 5am (basically, maintenance mode is a thaw state).  We run inventory scans starting at 2am hourly, with a time restriction between 2 and 3 (am).  the problem appears to be that the agents are sending in an inventory scan every time the PC reboots.  We have the "At Startup using the Run key registry setting" unselected in the agent configuration. 



      In order to go into maintenance mode, Deepfreeze must reboot the computer.  It also reboots the computer to refreeze them at the end of maintenance time.  Obviously, the second reboot (and sometimes the first, depending on if the client's scan date is correct or not) is causing the next Delta inventory scans to be out of sync and rejected by the Core.  Also, reboots during the day cause the same issue.  Every day, we have over 1000 .SCN files in our ErrorScan folder. 



      We really want to keep Delta scanning turned on.  Is there a way to force the agents not to run the inventory scanner during a reboot?  I have not seen any documentation that even explains that this is how the inventory scanner even works.  We do use the "Also run if the device's IP address changes", but the IP addresses are not changing. 



      How can we force the inventory scanner to only run when the IP address changes, and during our 2am Deepfreeze maintenance timeframe?












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          leffrt SupportEmployee


          You most likely have the Inventory Scanner set to run on IP Address change which will initiate an Inventory Scan when the machine reboots.  In version 8.7 there is no option to machine this scan a hardware only scan, without some hacking, so if it is the first scan of the day it will include a software scan.  Your options in my opinion are to not do the Inventory Scan on IP Address change or do full Inventory Scans instead of Delta Scans.  Typically in Deep Freeze environments we end up having to turn Delta Scans off to eliminate these types of issues.



          Version 8.8 does give you the ability to have a miniscan run when the IP Address changes instead of running a complete Inventory Scan.  Hope this helps.



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            Is there a way to turn off Delta scanning for particular computers only?  Our trainer mentioned that there used to be a registry key on the client PC called "DoDelta", but I have been unable to find the key. If we can do this, we can keep delta scanning turned on for our other PC's without Deepfreeze.

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              is there a way to turn off Delta scanning  for certain devices, but not all?



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                Dan, you may want to test one of your Deepfreeze machines with just sending miniscans on ip address change. Note, IP address changes from no address to either DHCP or Static every time a machine boots. Thaw out a DF box and try the steps below.


                Run from the command prompt

                “C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\localsch.exe” /exe="C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\MINISCAN.EXE" /ipaddr /freq=10 /taskid=778


                You will also want to verify the handle id is 778. To do this, drag localsch.exe to a command prompt and add the switches /tasks |more.


                Example: localsch.exe /tasks |more

                that is a pipe character before more


                See if that reduces your out of sync scans.

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                  leffrt SupportEmployee


                  You can't turn off Delta scanning for certain devices without some custom hacks.  The Do Delta registry key is a Core Server registry key. 






                  You can however takes Brandon's idea to another level.  The Local Scheduler task for the Inventory Scan can be changed to include the /SYNC switch.  This switch tells the Inventory Scanner to perform a full scan and NOT a Delta scan.






                  You can do this by creating a batch file with the new Local Scheduler task and pushing it out to the machines that you want to run full scans.  Here is an example, but please research and make sure the syntax is correct.  This was thrown together quickly.






                  “C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\localsch.exe” /exe="C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\LDIScn32.EXE /NT=CORE:5007 /S=CORE /I=HTTP://CORE/ldlogon/ldappl3.ldz /NOUI /SYNC" /freq=86400 /taskid=777



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                    Were you able to resolve your issue?  We are experiencing the same exact symptoms.  Landesk 8.7 SP5.



                    College with 3300 nodes - about half have Deep Freeze.  Nodes are thawed between 10:45 PM - 6:30 AM.



                    Deep Freeze Landesk agent restricts scanning to occur between 1-4 AM which works but then the nodes are generating a delta scan every time they reboot to thaw in the PM and refreeze in the AM and I have several hundred entries in the App Event Log each time this occurs...



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                      This is the exact problem we are experiencing.  I haven't gotten around to experimenting with the options listed above as we have just installed LANDesk, and we are developing our processes with it still.  I am thinking about turning off Delta scanning for now, and working with it later, or waiting unti we upgrade to 8.8. 






                      I will post back here with my results when I've had time to play with that local scheduler hack.