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    Are scheduled tasks linked or orphaned objects??


      Trying to wrap my head around the structure of a scheduled task...



      When I create a scheduled task I typically take a device from the NETWORK VIEW and drag it onto an action of some sort below.  I'm then prompted to create a scheduled task and it then is added appropriately.  If I browse my SCHEDULED TASKS then I can organize them the way that I want and I can add new machines to them to essentially reuse the task long after it was initally created.


      My question is this:


      lets say I create a SCHEDULED TASK from a provisioning template, execute it, and then later change the original provisioning template which created the task, does any future reuse of that task adopt the changes I made in the provisioning template?



      said another way, when a SCHEDULED TASK is created, does it become a stand alone or orphaned object within the console which is not linked to anything that was original used to create it?




      I'd like to find out if I can make changes to things like my scripts and provisioning templates and reuse them without always having to create a new scheduled task.


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          At least as far as provisioning goes...


          ....these seemed to become Orphaned Tasks as soon as they are created.  To test this had a provisioning task which executed a file with one set of command line options.  I took that task and scheduled it, added a single computer to it, then ran it.  It worked fine.


          Next I modified the template used to make the task and I changed the command line options.  I did not reschedule the task.  Next I added a different machine to the existing scheduled task and re-ran it.  While the task ran successfully on the 2nd machine, the command line options used were the same as on the first, so it didn't pick them up.




          Is there an enhancement request for SCHEDULED TASKS to give us the option to tie them to a specific provisioning template and thus avoid the problem associated with them being orphaned?


          If I go to the trouble to create a provisioning task and then schedule it, I don't want to have to recreate the scheduld task and assign machines to it in the event that i need to modify the thing.


          any thoughts on this?

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            Okay, absent any verifiable answers, can anyone point me to an existing Enhancement Request that is related to this question?

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              Rick.Smith1 Expert

              I am not sure about provisioning templates, but with Distribution Packages, if you try to delete the Distribution package, you are notified that existing scheduled tasks still exist.


              If you modify the distribution package, devices that get the scheduled task kicked off, will use the updated settings.


              If you go and delete the exe from the path, no proactive sign is given, except that the scheduled tasks will begin to fail, or if you go into Distribution packages and try to Save\Close.