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    Firewall setup on GW Appliance


      Hi guys,


      We are setting up our Management Gateway appliance for the first time.  I have most of the options configured and working but have a few questions about the appliance firewall.


      I found this on the community:



      but our gateway doesn't seem to be following the same order.  I have HTTPS (443) allowed under the trusted services, do not have my public Internet IP added to the allowed IP list and don't have it listed in the blocked IP list.  According to the document, I should be allowed access, but I am not.


      So my question is, has the order changed?  Some other documents acted like everything was blocked unless I add the IP to the allowed IP list.

      Is it possible that I will be blocked from accessing the https://gatewayIP, but my agents will still check in as they hit a different virtual directory?


      Any help would be appreciated.