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    Strange error in system-log




      Have anybody come across this message?


      At a customer site there was a lot of changes of groups and memebers. After an IISreset this message keep popping up about every 3 seconds. I have a suspicion that is can be a "discussion" between TPS and all dormant Console clients that has different opinions of what is rigt or wrong. The message keep on coming regardless if any Touchpaper service is active or not. And they are only popping up on the TPS server that is dedicated for Console Client  access. The Application server which runs all the services is calm. And is is repeated for lots of users not just one.


      Any idea how to get rid of this?  Erase tps_user sessions?



      Authenticate User Logon at 2011-02-20 19:39:47.383
      Logon Policy: ExplicitOnly
      User Name: tdsg00
      User Guid: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
      Password: OsdW/+0UOgLaYmx6spdqQw==
      Windows Principal (used for Integrated Logon): KL-IT-D00101\TDSG00
      Network Logon Hash (used for Integrated Logon): 57-CD-CA-BA-90-21-FB-78-2D-66-4A-05-FA-02-A9-D2-45-46-A0-79
      Is Integrated Logon: False
      Is Interactive: True
      Logon Status: Explicit
      Group Name: SD Servicedesk 2nd Line
      Group Guid: 5f0f873e-80e0-4df1-b870-d8ab311ab7a1
      Change Group failed. You cannot change your current group to one that you are not a member of. Contact the system administrator.


      Thanks in beforehand for any help



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          First thought - Have you deleted any groups?  Make sure Primary and Current group for all accounts don't refer to old deleted ones.

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            Hello Dave!


            Nice and sunny down under I suppose! Here in Sweden it is COLD. You can walk to Finland over the ice and it is spreading south fast now.


            There has been changes of group names. Not really sure if  groups where deleted. But the answer was what I suspected. As soon as the users came to the office and restarted Console the error message dissapeared.


            Which leeds to a need for a useful functionality to clear all Console sessions from the server. Do you know of any way to accomplish this Dave?

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              Now why would you want to walk to Finland Goran?  They don't even speak proper over there :-)


              We use a pool recycle event on the servers at (say) 1 am in the morning if you are running windows 2008 etc.  This seems to flush most things out and ensures any changes to privileges/windows granted during the day are picked up by WebAccess too.  It's a bit less heavy handed than iisreset, and is often easier to get scheduled because it only affects the apps in that pool.  It doesn't always clear everything - TPS still seems to hang onto some areas, but it's worth an inital try.


              I believe LANDesk themselves have an uptime utility which reconnects apps up the the TPS they are using to reduce the subsequent login lags after iisresets and recycles, but I don't think it is standard product (shame).