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    Provisioning how does your company deploy?


      So I have been working on the OSD/Prov module for several weeks now. It has taken some time to understand everything involved and to get base images working. What I want to know is how do you all instruct your technicians on how to deploy an image?


      I wanted to make several policies based on different image configurations, have them add their devices to Bare Metal Server, then drag and drop into policies. I was hoping this way all they had to do is was hit start now, then boot to network. This works for the initial batch, but it seems if we add other computers to the image policy after the fact they do not pick up and go. I am presented with the F8 Menu... My delivery method is Policy, Required Installation.


      So, I then found if you add computers to the same policy then choose start now, any computers previous that are in the middle of processing the template will fail out.


      If I have the techs schedule their jobs individually their my tasks become a complete mess. And LANDesk does not do a good job of naming each task, they are all named the same so failures will be impossible to track. This is also true if they boot up into LANDesk PE and choose from the list.


      I guess my overall question is why can we not create a policy for this and just add computers to it on the fly? Am I missing something? Or is it possibly broke? We deploy up to 30 new images a day, 90 during our computer refresh program. I am trying to sort all this out by spring to be ready for that. We are new customers to LANDesk, about a year old, and looking for ideas.

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          I'm not following your description of POLICIES so I'm a little confused on what you are trying to do.


          In our environment we have about 3 folks who use LDMS 9 for disk imaging.  We're setup to use PROVISIONING only; we don't do anything with OSD.


          Our provisioning templates are being changed daily as we try to add/expand their capability.  Ultimately we intend to have a base template for deploying Win7, then additional templates for customizing machines for different uses such as installing departmental specific software.  It is our intension that we will build department specific provisioning templates and then include our standard image deployment template in them.   From here we can schedule the templates as task, and as you sort of said, we can then drag the appropriate machines to these tasks and choose START NOW.


          I think ultimately we'll either be pushing the images down to machines that have working operating systems using the VBOOT option, or else we'll use the PXE holding queue option in conjuction with a PXE boot on each machine by hand.


          -does this make any sense?


          I think that our experience shows us that you can run a group of machines in a scheduled task and they will follow the same pace until completion, but you can always launch another scheduled task based on the same provisioning template for other machines without interfering with the first batch.

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            I spoke with our TAM and apparently provisioning will not work very well as policies. When we schedule a template and drop our bare metal machines into that template, choose start now, it becomes a Required Policy. The machines then can be turned on, boot up to network, and will pick up the template and install automatically. Apparently this will work once with one round of machines but we should not then add new machines to this task. They recommend deleting each task as you go and creating new task for each new group of computers there after.


            I do follow you with the template setup. Currently I am making new ones for certain departments. We put down the operating system then install apps per department. Works awesome!


            I have not gotten into Vboot myself but will here hopefully soon. Just trying to build a process for my technicians to follow. I guess they will have to schedule the templates and clean up after themselves as they go.