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    Dell GX620 keyboard problem at secure PXE menu


      Hi all,


      I have some Dell Optiplex GX620s and am trying to use OSD on them.


      I hit F12 to choose boot device, cursor down to boot from NIC, hit return to select, hit F8 when prompted to boot from PXE, cursor down to LANDesk WINPE, hit return to select and all works fine. I then get the secure PXE menu, BUT I can't select anything. The keyboard seem to have died at this point.


      I have tried two PC's and two keyboards. It's a USB keyboard (PS2 is not supported). On every other model I have tried I have not had this problem. It just seems that this model has a problem using USB keyboards at this stage. I've even tried using the keyboard in all the different USB ports.


      Has anyone come across this before? Is there a fix please?