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    ImageW2 is still running while provisioning continues


      I have been using the same provisioning template to deploy Windows 7 images for the past 6 months; today it is flaking out and I'm not sure why.


      The OS INSTALLATION SECTION shows complete in the provisioning history for one of my test computers, yet I am watching IMAGEW.EXE running on that machine and it is still chugging along without errors or other problems.  The provisining task has failed and I can see from the template status window on the client and through the console provisioning history that it has marched ahead into the POST-OS INSATALLATION section.


      Can anyone explain how this is possible?


      My core is 9.0SP2 with patches LD90-OSD-2011-0202 and PRV-5274890.2



      I'm guessing that the first rollup patch has broken something as this is the first time I've retried my template since the rollup last week.

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          bump for being really anoying...


          5-6 minutes into my image being laid down, provisioning decides to leave that step behind and it runs ahead only to fail.



          I have to run all of my image deployment tasks in two parts now, 1 for imaging and another for everything else.



          -any help would be appreciated.  Again, this was caused by applying a rollup set of patches for LDMS 9.0SP2

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            Today I uploaded an image using provisioning; interestingly enough the provisioning agent did not proceed until after ImageW2 was done uploading the image file.


            So anyone know why provisioning would work as expected on an image creation task but fail on an image deployment task?  Again, both my upload and deployment templates are unchanged from a working state prior to the application of the LDMS 9.0 SP2 rollup patch.