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    Computer age




      Does anyone have a decent way to record or report on computer age, using information in the LD Inventory?  In the past I have used the BIOS date field but that changes as you update your BIOS.


      I suppose one way would be to go by model PC, knowing that for example a Lenovo S50 came out in 2004 I could add that to the Inventory via the registry and then query on that info.



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          klevitan Specialist

          I use the Managed Planet Data Translation Services add on. (www.ManagedPlanet.com)  It has a task that can go to the web sight for Dell or Lenovo and pull down the warranty information and add it to the inventory.  This usually has a start date or an end date for the warranty.  From that you can calculate the age.

          - Kurt

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            I've done this several different ways depending on the needs and criteria of the place I've worked. The first, and easiest, was to create a registry key with a time/date and add it to custom data. I always place this type of information in the hklm\software\'companyname'\BOD\ area of the registry, with the BOD standing for 'Born on Date'... like with a bottle of Budweiser. You then modify the ldappl files to retrieve this information during inventory. The creation of the key can being a provisioning task, login script, or several other different methods, but the idea is that when a machine is imaged/provisioned there is logic to detect whether the key exists and if not the value gets created.


            Another way, like the Managed Planet software, is to query a database for the information. This is the most reliable and accurate way. The Manage Planet software is pretty slick, so if you can afford it I'd recommend them. If not, then you'd have to have a descent asset management database. The idea here is that the asset database is the 'source of truth' and when items are purchased they are entered with at a minimum the serial # of the device. Whether you import the data on the server or at inventory time on the client depends on how it gets entered into clients inventory and I've seen other users do it both ways. Also, the Asset Lifecycle Manager (ALM) software from LANDesk is a great product (we are doing a demo now) and this information could be simply syncronized with a workflow between the LDMS and ALM database.


            If neither of these appeal to you, then one other way I've done before at a company which had no good provisioning process, no fancy software, and little scripting ability... was to use the 'Record Creation Date' value at the root of each inventory object. If you have a good process for getting the LANDesk client installed when it is being built, such as the LANDesk GPO, a login script, or even manually... then the Record Creation Date value would be a descent indicator of when the machine came online. This way is not ideal and is the least preferred, but for general use is not horrible compared to doing queries for model #s and giving an guesstimate for how old it is.

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              Thanks, I am thinking the BoD is going to be the way to go!

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                Depending on how often you rebuild your machine the easiest one is the build date for windows, this is located under OS/Nt Info and then install date. If you rebuild the machine this will reset though.