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    How To:  reset Computer Description after image deployment


      This should probably be a DOCUMENT, but I don't know how to create one as it seems I don't have the required permissions.


      Anyway, this is one example of how a person might use PROVISIONING to apply a Computer Description to a target computer that has been reimaged.  This contains a file attachment with the examples.



      Problem:  With provisioning you can reimage a computer and reapply the previous computer name but there is not a predetermined offering to also restore the computer's description. Several of us here find the Computer Description to be perhaps more valuable than the computer name but there isn't anything preconfigured to take care of this for us.


      Solution:  there is an attachment here which contains a pair of scripts and a template which can be included with an image deployment provisioning template so that the original computer description gets reapplied after imaging.  This works for us with a Win7 deployment to computers which are already in the LDMS database and have valid computer descriptions BEFORE reimaging.  The intent is to include this template in the broader image deployment template.



      the zip file contains:

      ~IncludeComputerDescriptionChange.xtp - this is the INCLUDE template

      ComputerDescription.ini - this will be added as a SCRIPT and contains a single line with one variable listed

      SetComputerDescription.bat - this is added as a SCRIPT and contains two instructions to establish an ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE and then use that variable when changing the Windows Registry.



      The actions are to be performed in the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION phase of provisioning after sysprep has completed and the OS has loaded.



      In order for someone to make use of this, the only requirement is that the zip file is expanded and all three files added to the console; the first as an imported template and the other two as imported scripts.  The names given to the pair of scripts at the time of import need to be changed in the template; to do this simply locate the pair of INJECT SCRIPT action items and click on the drop-down menu to select the appropriate script names provided at the time of import.  Note that both scripts are to be placed on the target computer in C:\Administration; this location can be changed provided that the batch file script is altered to reflect that change.