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    Inbound mail with no e-mail address


      We use Exchange for e-mail and Unified Messaging for voice mail.  Unified Messaging delivers voice mail as an e-mail attachment, with a sometimes hilarious attempt at transcription.  When someone calls our Help Desk number and they have to leave a message, an e-mail is sent to Service Desk and (if we're lucky) gets turned into an incident.  The idea is to assign an SLA to the voice mail so we can give them a guarantee on when we'll call them back.


      If someone calls from a phone number that is not tied to an Exchange mailbox, Unified Messaging sends the e-mail with no sender address.  I'm fairly certain I've seen incidents in Service Desk from voice mail messages with no sender address, but I could be mistaken.  Usually we only get incidents from callers with sender addresses.  If I check our Service Desk e-mail account, the messages with no addresses show up as not having been read.  Sometimes, Service Desk outright stops processing all incoming messages until we reboot the server.


      In the event log, I see a few red entries like this:


      Length cannot be less than zero.
      Parameter name: length


      A bit vague, but I assume it's complaining about the lack of an e-mail address on the incoming message.


      Should Service Desk be able to create an incident when the sender address is missing?

      Is there any way to work around this (from within Service Desk)?


      Ideally, if an e-mail message had no sender address, Service Desk would set the Raise User to some default user.  (That would be nice for inbound e-mail with valid sender addresses that don't happen to be users in Service Desk.  I'd rather have these assigned to a single generic user than to have new users created for them.)


      I've tried creating a rule in Outlook that would forward e-mails with no sender address (so that they would then arrive at Service Desk with a valid address), but so far I can't get that rule to work.

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Grant,

          Service Desk will always assume there is a From address on the emails it reads so you're right that these are causing the errors.  To be honest I've never seen software generating an email that simply ommits it like that!  There isn't anything we can do to change Serivce Desk's requirement so these messages will need to be dealt with before they reach the us.


          If there is no way to force the voice mail system to use a default From address in these instances then there may be ways to workaround it in Exchange by setting up some rules to auto-forward the messages somewhere else and bounce back or use some other 3rd party mail tool to do the same.  Your mail admins will hopefully have some ideas on what's possible.


          I hope that helps.

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            afrogers Apprentice

            I know this an old one but did anyone find a way around this problem? We have exactly the same issue, we did have a rule in place for all voicemails but after upgrading to 2016.3 we had some problems with them processing using this method.