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    Query insists on renaming "Title" field as "Summary:"


      If I create a new query based on Incident, the Title field is automatically added to the query, but it's been renamed "Summary:".


      If I right-click on it and Modify, the Column Heading is set to "Title", not "Summary":


      I can change the Column Heading to whatever I want, but after clicking OK, the column heading still says "Summary:"  If I go into Object Designer, the Title field has both the Title and Name of "Title".  No "Summary:" in sight.

      So why does they Query and Report Designer insist on calling this field "Summary:"?  The feedback we've had from users is that "Title" is less confusing than "Summary".  Everywhere else we've been able to label the field as "Title", so we'd like it to be consistent in the query.