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    Does agent have "ping" or telnet listener, to kick off Push or Policysync?


      Hi folks. I am completely new here, and to Landesk. We have LDMS 9.0SP2, and are just preparing to go live with this system for software deployment.



      I'm coming from Patchlink/Lumension system, where the agent had a  configurable listener port. You could perform a telnet connection to it,  and that would trigger the agent to "check-in" to its management server,  regardless of that agent's next scheduled check-in interval. In our environment, we would add mandatory software packages to groups, both through the console, and with 3rd party tools. Whenever a 3rd party tool modified a group, it could telnet to the client, forcing a check-in. That way, scheduled software installations could be triggered to start immediately if desired, just by adding a machine to a group.


      I have searched through a lot of LDMS posts and articles about this topic, but I'm new at the terminology, and I haven't found anything that answers my question clearly.



      I want to set up recurring scheduled tasks, which target queries of ActiveDirectory groups. I want to be able to move a workstation into an ActiveDirectory group, which will then cause it to satisfy an existing query and make it the target of a scheduled task. I want the software distribution/installation to occur at the earliest possible time after this ActiveDirectory computer group membership happens.



      Is there something that a 3rd party (non-LDMS console) utility can do to an agent (such as a ping or telnet connection) which will cause it to "check-in"?

      By that I mean, make the agent recognize that is now the target of a software deployment, and begin the installation without waiting for its normal interval to elapse?


      Or is this handled by attaching the "Push" deployment method to the recurring scheduled task, so that as soon as the Core server polls the ActiveDirectory to recognize that the query targets have changed, the Core server will then initiate the software deployment on its own, contacting the workstation immediately to trigger the software distribution?


      I just want to understand if I need to be considering SDClient.exe commands, LocalSch.exe or Policy.Client.Invoker.exe commands, or is there a built-in way to accomplish this that I'm just not clear about. Sorry this is lengthy for just a question post.


      The bottom line is, I need to deploy software as soon as the decision is made to add a machine to an ActiveDirectory group.