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    Acrobat 9 Deployment - 16389 Return Code




      I have been trying to resolve an issue with the deployment of Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard, whenever I am running the task after a run time of about 3 seconds the tasks reports a failure.  The issue occurs every single time and to any PC that I am attempting to deploy to.   The log file from the scheduled task reports:


      Tue, 01 Mar 2011 14:45:59 File (\\appdeploy\apps$\Adobe\Acrobat\9 Standard\AcroStan.msi) is not in cache
      Tue, 01 Mar 2011 14:45:59 processing of package is complete, result -2147467259 (0x80004005 - code 16389)


      The package is setup with the AcroStan.msi as the primary file with the command line options /i TRANSFORMS="AcroStan.mst" /quiet, and there is about 12 additional files.


      The scheduled task is using Policy-supported push as the delivery type and I have attempted Standard policy-supported push distribution and a custom method I have created.


      The target PC is Windows XP x32.  The core server is LDMS 9 SP2.


      The package was last successfully used in November, since then we have upgraded the core to SP2 and have also moved the location of the setup files, the LDMS user (user account the LDMS service runs under on the core server) has MODIFY rights, and the EVERYONE group has read access.


      I have done a lot of reading on the forums and tried a few of the suggesstions such as IE Autodetect proxy is enabled, the command line args I am passing will result in installation when run on a test PC, the LDMS user has local Administrator access to the PC.


      Is anyone able to offer any assistance on how I can diagnose the issue further, or provide any advice on what can be done to overcome this issue?






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          I have enabled verbose MSI logging on the target PC and nothing is being written to %temp% when the package is ran on the target PC.  I have tested that the MSI logging is working and it correctly logged when an application was uninstalled and installed.


          If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them, I am hitting a wall and cant see anyway of overcoming this.

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            The Part of the error code that stands out from the error code --


            -2147467259 (0x80004005 - code 16389)


            is not the 16389 but the Hex error 0x80004005.  I have yet to find a distribution failure with the error code 80004005 where the problem was not permissions related.  (Not to say that this couldn't happen)  This could be problems such as

            • Share permissions - The share (UNC or HTTP) could not be accessed by logged on user OR Local System
            • Rights Permissions - The Application was downloaded to the sdmcache folder in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache but was unable to be executed properly. either in part or in whole by by the logged on user OR Local System account.

            Check out the following document for some tips for testing the software distribution as Local System.http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1645


            The other thing you could try would be to look at the Software Distribution Package, check the Accounts portion and check to see if the package will be run by the Local System Account, or as the Currently logged in user.  If one, then choose the other, rehash the package and redeploy.  Did this change the behaviour?


            Hope this helps



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              Thanks Kothoga, it is strange after your post I went back and couldn't see anything obvious with permissions.  What I did find was that if I was to remove the DNS alias that we have for the server and used the server name for all folder paths (so instead of \\appdeploy\... I used the server name \\srvName\...) and this worked, nothing else was modified.


              Is there a known issue with using DNS alias' for this sort of stuff?


              Thanks for your assistance.




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                As i experienced also this, yes it is you need to put right path which is the tru conanical name of the server or machine youre getting the file.


                as i tested it before I run it via http://localhost/installer/ ... the file name


                but is has the same error code 16389


                then i tried to change the locahost to the name of the server then it work fine now..its DNS dependent too.

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                  Wow, that is rather annoying.  We prefer to use aliases for all this sort of stuff so that when it comes time to upgrade we dont have to go and change the server names in any custom scripts that we use.  It would be great if this was able to be resolved, but at least I know about it and will just need to keep that in mind whenever we need to upgrade/migrate the server.


                  Thanks to all for your time and assistance with this, it has helped me greatly.