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    How to re-install LD 9 SP2

    zeetwoeight Apprentice

      Hi all,


      We want to reinstall SP2 on our LD9 server to see if it helps correct some issues we're having.  But when we run the pkg, it says that there's already a version installed.  Is there a way to circumvent this without having to uninstall what's already on the server?



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          It depends on the problems you are having, but I doubt they will be rectified by re-installing SP2.  I'd bet you will be better off either rolling out updated SP2 landesk clients to your client machines, or if you have troubleshot as far as wanting to reapply the service pack, it's probably time to ask LAdnesk Support for some help.  There may be a patch available.

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            SP2 wrecked our core when we applied it about a month ago.  We were able to rectify some of the problems ourselves but then we relied on a rollup-patch LD90-OSD-2011-0202 to solve the balance of our problems.  We applied this rollup about 3 weeks ago and it put us on a worse footing than we were before its application.  This rollup essentially eliminated 'waits' or 'pauses' in PROVISIONING whereby the provisioning agent would jump ahead before an action was completed.  For instance, the image deployment action takes a long time to complete and PROVISIONING gets impatient and goes ahead after 5 minutes and then fails because it doesn't find a completed image on C:.



            anyway, I'm told that a solution for this problem is due soon.  I don't know if it is another rollup or simply a recompiled edition of the last.  I was told to expect it last Monday or Tuesday and I received word today that it is still not available.


            I'd suggest that you wait for this before trying anything else in the interim as the last rollup was really bad for us.


            good luck

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              zeetwoeight Apprentice

              Did your or are having problems with Patch Mgr as well?  It appears that for us, we are having no problems with Patch Mgr mostly (if not exclusively).  The inventory scans work but patch mgr reports Nodes Device ID Not In Database sometimes and other times when it scans, it reports that there are no vulnerabilities being detected even though I know there should be (I've started another thread on this issue as well as tech support getting involved).  We recently purged our DB and then purged the Patch tables as well - still a no go.

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                I can't comment on patch manager; we didn't buy it and so we really don't use it.  I understand that we can still use it to patch landesk products so I've tried to use it to push out SP2 updates to our clients but it doesn't seem to work with any consistancy so I'm pretty much ignoring it.


                sidebar...  is it me?  am I being silly to think that a "client management SUITE" should include such a feature without incurring an additional charge?  Why do I have to pay extra for patch manager?  I don't have to pay extra to use REMOTE CONTROL or the INVENTORY & REPORTING features.