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    Building a second landesk server


      I have a quick scenerio question.


         We currently have a landesk server in london  , all of the client machines are configured to point there. My boss would like to add a landesk server here in the States but would like to make us a seperate entity where we manage our own clients and they manage their own. Like a seperate entity completely from london. Can we add a server that would be independant of the london one?  Second question all the landesk agents that are installed on all of our machines , is there anyway to reconfigure them to point to this new server along without reinstalling them all. Is there a config file of some sort I can update maybe via a logon script or group policy to re-point all of the clients ?

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          - Install your new Core Server to the same (or later) patch level as the existing server (cuts down on issues with compatibility between server & clients).

          - activate the core server using the same credentials as the Core Server in London - or with new credentials if you do not want double-counted licences.  You'll need to discuss the licensing stuff with your reseller / LANDesk / the London admins.

          - import the London Core Server Certificate into your new Core Server (so that the London Clients accept your new server's authority)  there are articles on here about about doing that.


          Then you need to get the US machines into your new server.


          You could then:

          1.  Run a UDD scan and deploy a new client to them that points to your new server.

          2.  script an inventory scan pointing to the new server

          with something like

          "%programfiles%\LANDesk\LDClient\LDISCN32.EXE" /NTT=yournewcoreserver.yourdomain.com:5007 /S=/NTT=yournewcoreserver.yourdomain.com:5007 /I=HTTP:///NTT=yournewcoreserver.yourdomain.com:5007/ldlogon/ldappl3.ldz /F



          The important thing is to ensure that you have a client installed that on your US machines that updates to o your new core server in the colonies rather than in London.  Then bingo, it's 4th July.


          You should probably mention your plans to the admin's in London so that they understand why a bunch of machines are suddenly no longer updating.  Also, if using the same server activation credentials bear in mind that if the same machine appears in two core servers, it will consume 2 licenses - until it disappears from one of the Cores,


          I have not discussed Roll-Up Core Servers and other Multiple Core / Enterprise structures, which might give you the independence you want, but with the ability to share information and configurations with your colleagues in London.  Too much to discuss in a single posting, and amply covered in LANDesk documentation & community articles.