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    Alerts not being sent via email


      I'm having an issue where landesk 9 sp2 with The alerting service failing to send emails.


      I've configured landesk for Alerting and Monitoring but the alertservice was failing and I repaired the database according to DOC-6060. This worked as expected.

      I tested the email server communications according to the BKM for Monitoring and Alerting, and IPMI. No issues when testing, the emails arrive immediately, no credentials needed.

      The inventory for the client computer shows that it does have the ruleset I configured, installed.

      Purposely failing the services or simply power off the computer does not trigger email alerts as it should.

      The alert.log file on the core has entries for the failing services but they arent' being sent

      Any help with this would be appreciated.


      These are the log entried from the Alert.log file on the failing client.


      2011-03-01 16:03:54(1208-1212) alert.exe:Processing queue file C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Shared Files\cbaroot\alert\queue\internal.monitoring.software.services.8K.ZEGHAQ5Q1U7.alert.xml
      2011-03-01 16:03:57(1208-1212) alert.exe:Alert transmitted to
      2011-03-01 16:03:57(1208-1212) alert.exe:Queued transmissions completed C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Shared Files\cbaroot\alert\queue\internal.monitoring.software.services.8K.ZEGHAQ5Q1U7.alert.xml
      2011-03-01 16:03:58(1456-1992) alert.exe:Processing alert internal.monitoring.software.services instance DHCP Client
      2011-03-01 16:03:59(1456-1992) alert.exe:Alert transmitted to
      2011-03-01 16:09:39(2136-1708) alert.exe:Recalculating health
      2011-03-01 16:22:59(2024-256) alert.exe:Processing alert internal.monitoring.software.services instance Server
      2011-03-01 16:22:59(1664-1888) alert.exe:Processing alert internal.monitoring.software.services instance DHCP Client
      2011-03-01 16:23:02(2024-256) alert.exe:Service unavailable (503) from proxy/server
      2011-03-01 16:23:02(1664-1888) alert.exe:Service unavailable (503) from proxy/server

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          Hi Lyle


          From looking at the client log, it would appear the alert is not reaching your core server to be able to send the email. It may be a firewall rule or network issue.


          Can you confirm if the Alert is appearing in the Alert log in the "Real-time invontary monitioring" Page for the client in the Landesk Console.


          Client log with successful email send:

          2011-02-23 00:45:33(7140-1892) alert.exe:Recalculating health
          2011-03-02 04:01:02(1800-4532) alert.exe:Processing alert internal.monitoring.computer.oslog instance EventCreate
          2011-03-02 04:01:03(1800-4532) alert.exe:Alert transmitted to



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            After going through everything carefully it appears the problem is authentication.  The alertservice log has entries for the failing alert and it appears to try to send it to the email server but still fails as per the Sendemail.log. The part that is confusing me now is when I provide valid credentials it still fails! The server does not require credentials anyway...


            I've change the IP address and identifing names in the logs below



            2011-03-01 21:17:53(6792-6968) sendemail.exe:SMTP Server Negotiation Failed or not set (mailserver.mycompany.ca)
            2011-03-01 21:17:53(6260-6872) sendemail.exe:AUTH Types supported: AUTH GSSAPI NTLM
            2011-03-01 21:17:53(6260-6872) sendemail.exe:Authentication not successful 0 Mailserver.mycompany.ca Hello []



            AlertService Log entry 

            Tue, 01 Mar 2011 14:17:53 Executing handler: "C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\sendemail.exe" -d "C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\alertstrings\\" -g "ENU" -p "ss=0" -p "alert_monid=243" -p "alert_edition=1" -p "alert_ostype=windows" -p "alert_osfamily=winnt" -p "alert_pds2id=94B352FF-ED67-4605-9916-802E524D00E7" -p "alert_inventoryid={FF52B394-67ED-0546-9916-802E524D00E7}" -p "alert_host=MyComputer.mycompany.ca" -p "alert_state=2" -p "alert_localTime=2011-03-01 14:17:53.162" -p "alert_gmtTime=2011-03-01 21:17:53.162" -p "alert_instance=LANDesk(R) PXE Service" -p "alert_id=internal.monitoring.software.services" -p "alert_ruleset=" -p "alert_healthContrib=1" -p "alert_health=2" -p "alert_remoteAddr=" -p "alert_computeridn=13" -p "alert_alertlogidn=960" -- "server=mailserver.mycompany.ca" "port=25" "[email protected]" "[email protected]" "subject=%D on %T" "body=%D

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              Hi Lyle,


              To send with out credentials you need to manually edit the Landesk Database. After creating the email action go to the alertemail table in the database and change the  NonExtended value from a 0 to 1.





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                Yes thank you! I'd found this a bit early on my own and this fixed the problem for me!

                Sorry I didn't post sooner but thanks for your help.