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    bauza Rookie

      We have LDMS 9 SP2 running on Windows2008 Server R2.


      This is a new build and we want to start backing it up.


      So my question is - what exactly do we need to backup. Should we backup the entire database or should we need to just back up certain files\folders?




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          @ Bauza,


          welcome to the community, where answers are only weeks or months away and seldom are either complete or from an actual landesk employee...



          you might have a look at a similar post here:




          while it only has a single response, it 'seems' that you only need to backup the LDMS database.


          In my case the database exists on a virtual server which is backed up.  I figure that if I lose my landesk core I can rebuild it in generic fashion and then simply point the rebuilt one over to my database and the new core will begin showing/behaving like the old one.  At least that is what the one reply seems to suggest.  I'm looking for confirmation of this.


          It is worth noting that on my core I have a number of scripts and other files saved locally which would require a separate backup from the database.  One file in particular that would be very important for everyone to backup is the BOOT.WIM file which is associated with the WinPE component of the product.  Heck, why not backup both the core and the database?


          -I'm still waiting to see what others say about this...



          good luck