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    LANDesk Mobility patch beta  NOT FOR ORACLE

    Tracy Expert

      Here is a link to the latest Mobility patch build. DO NOT INSTALL IF USING ORACLE! The Oracle issues are the only outstanding issues that has not passed system test, however, this patch is still considered beta.


      Please contact support for most recent files

      Be sure to go into the console and make sure your credentials are still configured correctly after installing the patch.


      Some of the enhancement / fixes

      • Better scalability for large environments
      • The Exchange 2007 and 2010 handler has been separated into separate handlers
      • BlackBerry scans not showing up in inventory
      • and much more!


      Please post any problems / feedback on this thread




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          jkhill Specialist

          Quick clarification:  this appears to be required on both the core server and the desktop running the console.  If installed just on the server, the Configuration button doesn't work.

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            CaliberK Rookie

            Has a patch been developed for Oracle?  I'm seeing a problem completing the scan file insert to the database for Blackberry devices.

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              LANDesk is soon to release a new agent based version of mobility Manager, therefore I'd say the odds of this being fleshed out are small. Is it due to the database schema in Oracle not having the appropriate tables to populate the data? If so, you may be able to address that via CoreDBUTIL.

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                JSMCPN Expert

                LDMS9 SP3 Compatibility Warning:  If you have previously installed the Mobility B184 patch, and then upgrade a Core or Console to SP3, the Agent Configurations will be invisible, even when you create and save a new one.  Also, the Security Activity tab will either not open at all, or if it does open, items will be invisible and behavior in this tab will be erratic.


                The root cause is that the Mobility B184 patch installs LANDesk.ManagementSuite.WinConsole.dll version  When SP3 is installed, the correct DLL (version is skipped due to the setup INF files configured as:

                {NEWER_ONLY} IMAGE\,wsvulnerabilitycore\bin\,LANDesk.ManagementSuite.WinConsole.dll


                To fix the Console, you must uninstall Mobility through Add/Remove Programs, and then find all copies of the DLL and replace them with the DLL.