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    Fun with Report Templates

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Thought I'd post something on the positive side for once.


      We have just drafted our intended default dashboard for IT analysts and reaction has been very good.


      We've used Report Templates extensively.


      The attached shows how it currently looks.  There are two templates on the main workload list, the first is a simple summary and the dropdown template shows an image and more details.




      The bit we really like is the ability to reference colours, styles  and images within the templates.


      For example we are sticking to our own custom Noticeboard for now as we have email alerts built in that we'd miss.  But we are using a linked Reference list called  Mesage type to change the icon depending on what the poster selects e.g. "Critical Fault", "Announcement", "Planned Downtime" etc..


      Typical Message Type Reference List entry:

      • Title = "Planned Downtime"
      • Colour = "#606060"
      • Picture = "blue-warn.gif"


      so that we can reference in the template like:


      <table><tr><td rowspan="2" valign="top" width="32px">

      <IMG SRC="http://kuservicedev.kingston.ac.uk/images/{_AnnouncementType/_picture}">

      <BR><FONT COLOR = {_AnnouncementType/_colour}>{RaiseDate:11}  </FONT>

      </td><td class="Heading3">

      <B>{_Summary:50}</B>  (Posted by:  {RaiseUser/_Fullname} )


      <i> {Description:100}</i>



      We've also added a colour attribute to some of our lists so that we can choose the font colour depending on what is selected.


      Theoretically we could extend this to changing the font colour/image based on things like status etc (if we were a bit clever about how we contrcuted the URL and anmed our pictures).


      This is an  excellent new feature of 7.4 and our new dashboards are much more colourful, informative and clearer.


      Cheers - Adam.

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Adam,


          Thanks for posting those tips, it looks really good!  Report template are definitely a favourite new feature for everyone that has got to grips with them so far and as you've seen can really add to the look of a dashboard or query.


          Oh and I hope your end users appreciate the use of Smashing Pumpkins lyrics in your accouncements

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            aparker Employee

            Hi Adam,


            Top marks for this. Looks really good. I will be stealing if for demo stuff if you don't mind. I'm particularly interested in your use of {Attribute:100} type approach to managing columns. I am having quiet words about getting HTML column width tags useable in the future.



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              Adam Wilden Expert

              Thanks Andy,


              Ability to set width would be really useful.  We tried various methods before realising they were being ignored.


              On the example report above it's not important but on our workload list  (on the left in the picture) the alignment was all over the place initially.  In the end we used a second table row containing transparent gifs to force the column widths:



              <TD><B><FONT COLOR = #666699>{_Ref}</FONT></B><BR></TD>
              <TD>{Status/Title:20}<BR><FONT COLOR = #666699>{CurrentAssignment/User/_Fullname:18}</FONT></TD>
              <TD><B>{RaiseUser/_Fullname}</B>   [Tel: {RaiseUser/Phone}]<BR><i> {Description:180}</i></TD>
              <TD><IMG SRC="http://kuservicedesk.kingston.ac.uk/images/spacer.gif" WIDTH="60" HEIGHT="1"></TD>
              <TD><IMG SRC="http://kuservicedesk.kingston.ac.uk/images/spacer.gif" WIDTH="120" HEIGHT="1"></TD>