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    LANDesk Agent Configuration: Standalone Package


      My management has frowned upon adding this to our login script. So, discoveries once a week will have to do for now. Also, we want to give the help desk access to a standalone agent configuration package so they can put it on machines when it is newly imaged. We still aren't using LANdesk for imaging(we should be there within a few months). I would appreciate anyone with experience deploying the agent, especially using the standalone package chiming in. Thanks in advance.

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          We used to provide our IT staff with the exe to install before we implemented it through group policy.  Just have to keep the exe up to date if you are doing any agent changes or patches on core that relate to inventory.

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            What method of imaging are you currently using?


            Also if you would like to provide your team with the .exe I would suggest a .bat file pointing to a network share. This way if you decide to make changes you can control the source and have a better control of what agents are being installed.


            Another suggestion would be to have whoever is imaging the devices to submit a daily/weekly list of machine imaged. With this you can target only those machines specifically.


            Other than that I would agree with billyc and support creating a GPO to manage this for you. Should you decide to go this route use a .msi for the GPO.