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    Migrate MAC clients from old environment to new




      We have recently upgraded from 8.8 SP4 to 9.0 SP2. We did a clean install with a completely new server and database.


      In the old environment, we were on Windows server 2003 using a mssql 2005 cluster. 


      We are now on Windows server 2008 R2 using a mssql 2008 cluster.


      I should also mention that our core name was changed when we created the new environment.


      When I did the upgrade installation, I originally pulled in all data from old database to the new database using the migration utility embedded within the 9.0 installation. This worked wonderfully. However, due to neglect on my part, I had my database purge set to 45 days, which happened before I was ready to shift everything completely over.


      This was not a huge deal because I made a DNS alias from our old core name to our new core IP. So inventory scans for our windows machines started coming in as the were running their scheduled scans.


      For some reason though, the MAC clients are not coming in. When I check their logs, they are unable to communicate with our core server. I do a nslookup on one of them just to make sure they are using our correct dns server, and it resolves our old hostname to the new core IP. (just as it should)


      What gives? Any ideas?


      I am open to suggestions as well for simply deploying the new mac client via ssh. I just would rather not have to hit every mac manually if I dont have to. I didnt see any documentation on how to install the mac client silently via ssh.


      Thanks in advance.