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    Log out/terminate client consoles in a "bulky" fashion?

      I'm looking for a way to log out/terminate client consoles in a "bulky" fashion.
      The reason is that some administrative changes, e g removal of a group, can lead to crashes on clients that are currently logged in. Of course, these changes should be done after hours, but the problem is that some analysts just leaves their computers and consoles open when they end their day. When the come back in the morning, their session is still alive and if, for example, their current group has been removed, the system starts complaining.
      I would like to ensure that all clients are forced somehow to (re-)login after I've done a potentially risky change. An iisreset doesn't do the trick.
      One idea we have is to play around with the User attributes "Account Disable" and "Account Locked" in combination with clearing out the user sessions table.
      Any ideas and pointers are welcome! (There is an ER for this, http://community.landesk.com/support/ideas/1300, but who knows when/if that will ever be implemented. You should of course vote on it, though :).