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    Scan for certain file extension




      I'm trying to setup Landesk 9 to scan for Microsoft access files (mdb's etc) on machines throughout our estate. Reading the forums I have got up to the point where I have to update the ldappl3.template, but after that I'm not too sure what to do.


      Some posts point to the SLM and some others point to manage software list.


      Could someone point me in the right direction?



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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          After you modify your template, go to "Reporting/Monitoring" and click on "Manage Software List"


          Now you will see an icon the resembles a computer, when you hover over it, it will state "Make Available to Client"


          Click on that.


          That will cause clients to download the new ldappl3 file when they do an inventory scan.

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            Cheers for the information, looks like the new ini file is on the client machines looking for those extensions.


            My other question is whether there can be a query setup to find files that have the extensions instead of a particular file i.e. I want to search for all .mdb instead of woodgrovebank.mdb.


            I setup a query -  Computer>Software>Package>File Name>LIKE>.mdb, but nothing has come back yet.

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              Make sure after adding that to your ldappl3.template that you do the following:


              1.Open the Landesk Console and Login

              2.Go to Configure >> Services >> Inventory

              3. Select Unknown Items and make sure that your file is not showing up in there. If it is, highlight it and select allow.



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                Thanks for the info, I checked that setting and nothing seems to show .mdb/.accdb, I'm actually looking just for files with that extension not a particular file, which I dont know if that is possible?



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                  If you just want to know how many of those files there are, and how big they are in total, rather than specific file by file information, then you can achieve that easily by changing the MultiMedia File Extensions list in the LDAPPL3.template (dont edit the LDAPPL3.INI file directly - your changes will be lost) and then click on the "Make Avail to Clients" button as described above. You will see the results in Inventory for each device under the Multimedia files.

                  Just a though.