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    Scheduled task does not start to process






      Last night I attempted to run an update package on about 3000 of our clients. The package itself it is an SWD package and we run a similar upgrade about once every two months.



      This time the job did not appear to start. When I got in this morning the job was showing with the individual PC names in the job (not the query names as is usual before a job starts). There was no record of it in ldlog and the pcs had not started. Looking at the job the date and time were correct for last night at 3am.



      Usually I would suspect that the scheduler service had not been running but several other routine jobs starting both before and after the job had run.



      Does anyone have any ideas how I can work out what happened as I am at a bit of a loss. We are on 8.7 SP 5 but with SP 4 agents (at the moment)









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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          My recommendation would be to open a case with LANDesk support.


          There's "more" to getting a task working in 8.7 than just the Scheduler Service - namely the Global Scheduler. It's probable that this is where your problem is - and depending on how technical you are, you might be able to figure it out from the Global Scheduler logs

          - LANDesk.Scheduler.GlobalScheduler.exe.log

          - LANDesk.Scheduler.GlobalScheduler.Processor.exe.log

          - LANDesk.Scheduler.GlobalScheduler.Skeleton.exe.log


          However, I'd recommend opening a case with LANDesk support for this, as this is not usually the sort of problem that's easily sorted out through a forum and requires some trawling through logs, potentially looking at your DB and other things.


          It has nothing to do with your clients - if the task isn't starting, this is purely on the Core.


          Also - what are those other "routine jobs". Bear in mind that there are different parts to get a "job" to run. I.e. - if you're running scripts on a client, that doesn't use the Scheduler per se, but uses CUSTJOB - a different animal entirely. So the devil is in the detail :).


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            Thanks for the speedy answer. I called the other jobs routine because they run often and on a weekly timescale. They were all software distribution jobs. One that ran after was an swd package like the problem job, the others were mostly exes.



            I will log with LANDesk and take at look at the logs.



            Thanks again,