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    Capture profile on Windows 7 OS




      We are migrating from XP to 7 (and 7 to 7) and I have two problems capturing profiles :

      I use SMA, with LD 9.0 SP2


      1/ I try to exclude some profiles, but they are captured :





      I tried without *, or without _, but it seems that profile name must be explicit ?


      2/ I use the same XML for capturing XP and 7 profiles.

      On windows XP, profiles on C:\ are correctly captured (in %computername%.sma.DriveC), however on Win7, nothing appears.

      I juste have a %computername.sma% and %computername.sma.DriveD%.

      (UAC if off)

      Does someone successfully captured a w7 profile with SMA ?





      (xml has been created through LD wizard)

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          Well, we have the start of an answer : when we launch the command manually throught a cmd, it works.
          It seems like capture AND restore on Windows 7 have to be done with a open admin account... whereas on Windows XP, capture and restore can be done when the computer is on ctrl+alt+suppr screen.


          Is LD team working on that ?

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            Hi Taillet,


            You mean that ctrl+alt+suppr screen instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del....? for Windows XP Capture and restore....


            When the Windows XP OS in Ctrl+Alt+Del screen I can able to capture the profile...It's saving in the name of "%ldhostname%.sma", So I got the profile like "image2011.sma.DriveC"...



            1. When I logged in windows XP machine and try to restore the captured profile into same machine it's giving an error in "copy profile Migration files from storage share" task in provisioning template.


            2. At the same time if I do the restore process in Ctrl+Alt+Del screen, it simply running the tasks and moved that machine into successfull pool in scheduled task..even it's not failing any task everythuing successfull...if logged into that machine to check the profile details...the profile is not restored...


            For your reference I have attached my restore profile provisioning template, Can you please check this template and let me know what changes should I make to restore the profile without any error....