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    Windows 7 Sysprep / HII Troubles with driver updates


      Okay, originally I was told to use the following process to create an HII:


      Install Windows 7

      At Welcome screen, press Ctrl-Shift-F3 to enter audit mode

      Install any applications I need

      Create an unattend.xml file using WAIK for Windows 7

      Placed the unattend.xml file on the machine I was going to image (c:\windows\system32\sysprep)

      Run the following command:


      sysprep /genearlize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:unattend.xml

      PXE boot and capture image


      I go into management console and create the deploy image script select HII and select the unattend.xml file I want to use (same as the one that was copied to the machine I imaged).


      It appears everything works but for some reason it is not updating the video driver.  I have already injected the driver under manage drivers for HII and I also configured the manage manufacturer and model for said drivers.  Redeployed the PXE rep and here I am with everything working except drivers.


      I have a feeling I'm just not up to par with my sysprep skills so I'm basically screwing it up.


      At any rate, here is something weird.  When I copied the unattend.xml to the machine I was going to image (while still in audit mode), I happened to reboot and on bootup it looked like it ran through just the driver portion of the sysprep file because when the computer booted up, the video driver installed like it was suppose to.  But when I ran the last sysprep command as above before I imaged, it didnt work.


      What am I doing wrong?  I am so frustrated...  I have spent endless hours trying to get this to work and I am getting nowhere.  Appreciate any help.