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    Provisioning pops up credential

    SuperMan SupportEmployee

      With the same PXE rep, one VMware machine can PXE boot and go to LANDesk Provisioning menu, then loads the WinPE image. But another device which has been scheduled a task



      PXE boot a device, press F8, select WinPE Provisioning, the device will load WinPE image and try to get the template, but it prompts for credential. I want to the task fully automated. So why it pops up? See the attachment.


      Do I need other steps to be set up?


      Any suggestion are appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          What version of LANDesk / what service pack are you on?


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            bnelson Employee

            Are you sure you have mapped it to the correct PC in the LANDesk database. I ask because I ran into this and what happened was I changed the way the NIC accessed the network. At first it was NAT'd, then I changed it to be an independent machine so it was assigned a new virtual MAC Address. I was still assigning the tasks to the old one. After I realized that everything ran smooth.  The error you are receiving is because LANDesk doesn't recognize any provisioning tasks for that MAC address.

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              Bnelson is right. If you are getting the F8 menu, then the MAC address of the machine you are PXE booting is not associated with a provisioning task. You should never get the F8 menu.


              Also make sure that you start the task. After the task is started, the target machine will get added to PXE Provisioning (Windows PE) section under Network View, Configuration. It will also get added to the pxeconfig.xml file on the PXE rep. That file says what machines have tasks assigned to them and what environment they will default to when PXE booting.

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                SuperMan SupportEmployee

                I'm using 8.8 now.


                Thanks all you guys. This really helps.

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                  CraigMiddelstadt Master


                  For 8.7 and 8.8, you will always get this prompt if there is no task scheduled for the machine that you are Provisioning WINPE Menu booting.



                  The credentials box will appear for you to enter your credentials, and depeding on the RBA provisioning rights, it will return a list of templates that you have rights to.



                  Then you can select the template you want to kick off.



                  Note:  Any time you manually select a template from the menu, it will create a new scheduled task and add that machine to the task.



                  Another note, do not continue to schedule "Master" templates every time you run a job because it will create a new locked template each time it is run.



                  The best way to set this up is to make sure your master template works and then make sure the master is a Private template and then make the locked template available for everyone to use.






                  Hope this helps.



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