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    Problem: Software distribution of Adobe CS3 for Mac



      I am having problem in pushing the Adobe CS3 to the MAC OS computers via the Landesk Server. The LDMS server is running v9.0 with SP2, while the MAC OSX version is 10.4.x.  I have already customized the CS3 software install.xml, uninstall.xml and application.xml.override files according to the official Adobe CS3 deployment guide.  I have also created the cs3.dmg from the CS3 setup disk with including the above three files into the dmg image. In the Distribution Package Properties (macintoash package) setting, I have included the http url link pointing to the cs3.dmg file. While at the install/uninstall option, I have made use of the following parameters.

      -exec "/Volumes/cs3/Adobe CS3 Design Standard/Setup.app/Contents/MacOS/Setup" --mode=silent --deploymentFile="/Volumes/cs3/Adobe CS3 Design Standard/Setup.app/Contents/MacOS/install.xml"

      However, the software distribution was without success. I could see the whole cs3.dmg file received at the mac machine sdcache folder and no further setup action performed at all. Can anyone really guide me a proper way to deliver CS3 using Landesk server.  I can hardly find an official document or KB mention anything specific to Mac software distribution....

      With Thanks!