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    LANDesk Database Details


      Can anyone provide the detail description of all the column fields of LANDesk Database OR LANDesk 9.0 Database schema... I'm new to this tool




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          Can anyone help me out ....................

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            I'll take a stab at this:


            assuming that you have gotten your core server setup and rolled out the landesk agent to at least one client computer, you should be able to look around for yourself to see what is actually stored in the database. I say this because I am assuming that you are interested in client inventory; certainly the overall database holds more than just client inventory, but I don't know how that information would be useful/practical.


            to have a poke around you should locate a client in the NETWORK VIEW; this is the tree-browser that dominates your management console screen.  Once you have found a client which has the landesk agent on it you can simply double-click on it to view the inventory.


            Most items follow a definition like this:


            "computer"."description" - this is the database value for the computer description

            "computer."LANDesk Managemtn"."Inventory"."Scanner"."Version"


            this the landesk agent version on that computer.


            As you mine down through the inventory key you ad DOTS.BETWEEN.DIFFERENT.LEVELS and you "use"."quotes"."between"."them"



            I hope this helps...I'm not really sure what you were asking for, and apart from the above, how it would be of any use.


            good luck




            FYI; there has not been much of a landesk employee presence in these LDMS 9.0 discussions for the past 9 months that I have been active; though there are some folks inside landesk that want to change that behavior.  Lets hope that employees start contributing here so that we don't have to rely on crack-pot answers like mine here.

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              Thanks for your reply...


              Today I got to know new thing in LANDesk which will help me a lot in future..But Im looking for something else. Im working on a Project for which im developing some LANDesk reports like Software Usage Report, Detected Vulnerability reports etc. for which I want to knwo the database schema with detail descriptions.

              I would like to appreciate if you could help me out if you knwo someone or some other way or watever help you provide..


              Thanks for your assistance :-)



              Thanking You,

              Abhishek Boga

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                Okay, I still don't really understand what you need or why.


                There are already some pre-build reports available to you now along some additional custom ones.  The REPORTING/MONITORING area in the LDMS 9.0 console provides access to REPORTS where you will find maybe 200 reports...


                The custom reports (made by others) can be found here, and I noticed there is one concerning vulnerabilities:




                ...you can also create your own custom reports as well.  As I mentioned in the previous post, you can see what data is available for a report by browsing the inventory of a computer that is already in your console.  The custom report tool in the LDMS console makes use of a custom QUERY that you make which is based on the inventory model.



                I'm sure that you have an idea of what you need and you want to review a full list of how landesk stores/sorts all of the available data, however 1) I'm not sure you are going to get landesk to provide that list to you and 2) I don't see how it is practical given the custom report making that landesk already provides using the custom query option.


                in any event, good luck.