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    Custom report for patch manager




      I'am french, sorry for my langage.

      I will make a custom report with this fields:


      Device Name:
      Date Detected: Date detected for this machine (ex: 07/02/2011)
      Vulnerability ID:  (ex: MS10-071)
      Patch Required:  (ex: windowsserver2003-kb2360131-x86-enu._Ko6VA.exe)
      Name: (ex: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (2360131))


      I can't join Name with Vulnerability ID. Can you help me please


      Alexandre BEAUJAULT

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          Simon Ma Employee

          Bonjour Alexandre,


          The SQL query must be something like this :


          select C.DeviceName as Computer_Name, CV.DateDetected, V.Vul_ID, CV.Patch as Required_Patch, V.Title as Vul_Name
          from Vulnerability V
          inner join CVDetected CV on CV.Vulnerability_Idn = V.Vulnerability_Idn
          inner join Computer C on C.Computer_Idn= CV.Computer_Idn