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    Server specs


      Since a Landesk Core recommends a server 2003 r2 or better along with a sql server. Can someone kinfly let me know the actual hardware specs for say about 150 clients. I would like to know processors , ram , harddrive space etc for both the SQL server and the Win2k3 r2 or win2k8 r2 server

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          aparker Employee

          Hi Greg,


          Just a quick check on your post. You mention a LANDesk Core, but you're posting on the Service Desk section of the community. Are you referring to Service Desk, if so the best place to get the real detail is in the product docs covering the scaling and specification of the system, otherwise one of my colleagues may well be able to move this post to the LDMS section, or you can just repost there.



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            Otherwise if  it is Landesk Management Suite, straight out the manual


            All Management Suite services hosted on one server (up to

            750 devices)

            For Management Suite management domains with 1,000 devices or fewer, you can install the

            core server, console, Web console server, and the core database on one server. For these

            networks, you may want to consider using the default Microsoft MSDE database, which is

            generally easier to maintain. Your server should at least meet these system requirements

            before you install Management Suite in a 1,000 or less device configuration.

            Intel Xeon Dual Core 32-bit or 64-bit processor

            4 GB of RAM

            100/1000 Megabit network adapter

            72 GB of free disk space on 10K RPM or faster drives or arrays



            Microsoft SQL Express 2005 has a 4 gigabyte limitation. If this limitation is reached, the core

            server will stop functioning properly and the database will no longer be able to write more data. It is

            possible that each agent could use as much as 2-4 megabyte or more so be careful to monitor the disk

            usage and upgrade to a full version of SQL prior to reaching the 4 gigabyte limit

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              aparker Employee

              Thanks John!