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    Retrieving Attachments


      We are currently running 7.3.2 to deliver Incident and Change Management.


      RFCs are currently created by the user completing various screens and submitting a Change Task to a CAB.

      This works great for the CAB, as we can easily get a summarised report sent out by Crystal to review the Change when we cant get direct access to ITBM.

      It DOESN'T work so well for the Analyst raising the Change, as there's a fair amount of information to record.  We have minimised this as far as we can, but still quite a lot needed.


      Its been proposed to revive the (pre-existing) Word Form for RFC submissions, and have these added as attachments to the ITBM Job, rather than re-typing or cut'n'paste - which seems reasonable.  The issue is that I'm not sure how (if ?) we can pull this information from the attachment to include on the summary report.


      Have looked at the Attachment table, and can see the header information, etc but is there any way to retrieve the Word document without going through ITBM ?

      Failing that, would welcome any suggestions to make it simpler to take info from this Word form into ITBM fields.