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    Cannot save process as there are multiple xx actions on the xx Status


      Cannot save process as there are multiple xx actions on the xx Status


      I receive this error numerous times, but can't figure out why. I even get it when I remove the optional action and the manual action (if there is one)


      We were making a change to our CR process (moving two tasks). I started running into this error with every status in the process.


      I decided to move everything back to how it was and I still get this error on our "Awaiting 3 approvals" status. It states that there are multiple approve actions on the status. There is only one manual action to approve. If I remove that manual action and try to save, it will say that it cannot save the process as there are multiple Approve actions on the Awaiting 2 approvals status. This goes on through every status.


      What's odd is that I moved it back so it was identical to our prod CR process, but it still errors out. I was able to get rid of one of the errors on one status by removing the optional action instance and just leaving the manual action. Not sure on the other ones since they don't have two actions, only one going off the status.


      I attached a screenshot of the approval portion. I'm just a bit baffled on how it is setup exactly like our working CR Process, but if I add anything or change a route I get errored out on almost every status that is on the process. Some of the status errors that come up are on parts of the process that we haven't touched since the consultant set it up. I'm just not sure why I'm getting these errors with a routine change.


      Any thoughts.