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    Provisioning without login


      Hi all,


      Do you know if you can use provisioning, in step after sysprep, to continue template withour login in administrator.


      It's possible to stay on login window ?





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          you might have a look at this post...I'm not sure what you are asking, exactly.





          I know that during provisioning the CTOS action should be the last action item in POST-OS INSTALLATION phase of your provisioning template.  This is supposed to allow provisioning to continue after sysprep runs...whether this is supposed to work on its own or via an auto-login such as AUDIT MODE, I have no idea.



          I feel like provisioning can only run if someone is actively logged into the computer but so far I have not received credible confirmation of my assumption.


          ...always willing to get more information myself, but it seldom seems to come from within Landesk HQ.



          -good luck

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            If you don't want the syprep process to auto logon, then remove the whole line in the example below in your sysprep.xml file.  Below is the question and answer regarding provisioning I got from support.





            Q.  The Provisioning task seems to be severely delayed when no one is logged on to the workstation. Once a user logs on, or when the task is sent to workstation that has a user logged on, the task runs immediately and without any delay.


            A.  this is a coded, by design delay to allow for OS processes to initialize, GPOs to run, and other things that may be occurring at startup. This is a 10-minute delay and is not configurable.

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              Thanks for our answers


              It's great, it work after 10 minutes..


              how to know this !