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    Creating a new report parameters


      I'm new to this report process, looking on line for help, the help files in Landesk 9.0 sp2 to get started. I have been looking to create a report which includes pc's out of compliance, last vulnerability scan x days old, last start up time x days old. Can anyone tell me if this is possible to pull all 3 of these things into one report. Is there a canned report that would get me started ?

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          Bd0g SupportEmployee

          Brian, your best starting point is to play around with the vulnerability and various patch reports and dashboards.

          These have multiple parameters and have SQL statements selecting much of the vulnerability data users need.

          There is a document in this community that covers creating parameters as well.


          Remember that when changing or adding parameters to existing reports you also need to ensure the SQL is changed to match it.