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    How the GUIDs are generated?




      Does anyone knows how the application generate and assign GUIDs?



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          I know it's a difficult question, but I thought the gurus here would know the answer...

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            Stu McNeill Employee

            Hi Javier,


            Apologies no-one answered your original question it must have passed me by.  There isn't really anything to say about the Guids other than they are randomly generated and a check is always done to make sure once a Guid is generated that a record doesn't already exist in that table/object.  May I ask why you're interested?

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              Hello Stu,


              Thanks for the answer, we have an interface with a different ticketing system that is using a scheduled data import to create the tickets coming from that tool. The problem with this is that we can't get a reply from that in order to know if the creation of the tickets in Landesk Service Desk was succesful or not. We were wondering if the GUID was created by a DB function so that we could manually add the records.


              Also, as we are using 7.2.6 and we don't have calculations, it could be useful for us in order to make queries to the db and send notifications by adding rows to the email table, but this also requires a GUID.


              Thanks in advance for your help,



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                Stu McNeill Employee

                Hi Javier,


                Thanks for the explanation.  Unfortunately we don't support creating records directly in the database (and it is not a simple task with the number of different tables involved).  The only option I can think of for the type of integation you need is to use penTouch which is a programmable API you can purchase.

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                  aparker Employee

                  Hi Javier,


                  In reality, what I would be suggesting is an upgrade to 7.4 to unlock a whole new layer of functionality that has been delivered in the product to support integration. As Stu says, while you're at 7.2.6, OpenTouch is the only real option, but there is a price associated with that. If you move to 7.4 there is the possibility of using the API that comes with the Web Access platform and also maybe using Event Manager to process these requests. There is a cost associated with EM, but nothing like the one for OpenTouch.



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                    Hi Andy,


                    We are new customers and may wish to import data from another system.  Generating the GUIDs seems as though it might be a stumbling block.  Can we do this through an API?

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                      Hi Mark,


                      If you import data from another system using LANDesk's Data Import component within Service Desk then these GUIDs are generated automatically in the database when the records are created by the import tool. As Stu said, you can't really import data directly into the LANDesk database so there shouldn't be any requirement to manually generate GUIDs. If you're looking to integrate another system into LDSD then the best (read easiest and cost effective) solution will be Event Manager.