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        My question was causing controversy !


        I hope that a lot of users ask the release of SP3 ....


        My question would like to open a petition for ask the release of SP3...



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          Tom O'Brien Apprentice

          Could you Identify some of post upgrade issues you've encountered? We are preparing to upgrade from 8.8sp4 to 9.0sp2 and I'm trying to identify potential issues before making the plunge.



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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup



            To be fair, many questions are answered here in the community.  Not always by LD employee's, but Paul Hoffmann (LD Employee) has been a great asset here as well as ZMAN (not a LD Employee, or at least I do not think he is) just to name a few.


            Yes, I do wish the LD Employees were better at answering questions, and I notice they tend to me when they are "technical" questions verses speculative or other non-technical questions such when a product release will come.


            I think there are a few reasons for this, one, I know there has been fallout when they have said "Product X will be out on xx/xx/xxxx" and they do not make that release date.  You can usually nail them down to a Quarter of 1/2 year mark, but even those dates are usually only mentioned in User Group meetings,etc.


            Another thing that might be affecting all of this is the recent sale / purchase of LANDesk.  I know for a fact that there has been some "turnover" or reductions made and hopefully the dust will settle soon and things become more stable there.


            Now, to be fair again... you did hit the nail on the head about LD 9 both pre and post SP2 not being what it should be.


            We run 7 cores here and I can attest to there being way too many issues with the product, though I admit our TAM has worked double time along with the engineers in getting these problems resolved.  I deal with some other vendors and they will say "oh yeah, we know about that, it will be fixed in our next release due next year."  So while LD has issues, at least they keep working on it.

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              Thank'you James,

              I hope to see a stable version with SP3 release and I hope that the time to release SP3 will be short.

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                To be fair, many questions are answered here in the community. Not always by LD employee's, but Paul Hoffmann (LD Employee) has been a great asset here as well as ZMAN (not a LD Employee, or at least I do not think he is) just to name a few.


                there are certainly a few folks on this forum with high post counts who answer questions and generate some good discussion or ideas...but this population and their contribution has not swayed my experience from one of frustration to one of solutions. While I find some of these contributions not only relevant and useful in some cases, they have not amounted to any significant help in my case. I have only been using LDMS 9.0 and the bias of helpful posts on this forum lies with previous versions of this product. It seems pretty clear to me that when it comes ot LDMS 9.0, the community is not so much of a knowledge base as it is a question base. I have more than a dozen posts asking questions which have received many views but not a single reply; and my overall answered to unanswered ratio is lopsided in favor of unaswered questions. I simply can't aggree that the good work by a few in the past and a little in the present actually counters the frustration of the many, to which I am sadly a member of the latter.


                ...both paul and zman have certainly contributed here and I have drawn positive things from their contributions. Thanks be to them!


                While I started typing this I was interrupted by the phone. I had a good ~25 minute call from a Support Lead this morning in response to some negative feedback I provided recently. The was one of those 'we're here to help and make sure you are a statisfied customer' type of calls...all of that hugging aside one thing came out of it that I read in a very positive light. I was told that some folks inside Landesk recognize that employees have scaled back their contributions to the community and that consideration is being given to having them put more energy into answering posts.


                At this point I feel that support needs to do a solid job at communicating our problems to the landesk engineering folks for problem resolution AND they need to get more involved within the community. The later may be addressed in the future according to my conversation this morning; my fingers are crossed that they are already doing the former.

                -good luck

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                  regarding a move from 8.8 to 9.0...I can't comment on what an 'upgrade' would look like for you nor what you might encounter; I'm new to this product with 9.0.  I only evaluated it while it was in 8.8 form, but I've only actually ever used 9.0 in production.  (and I say 'used in production' lightly because I've spent far more time trying to make this product work than I've realized in gains from using it to actually produce work)



                  That being said, let me say that there seems to be a loose consensus building that 9.0 SP2 is plagued by bugs.  I describe this as a loose consensus only because there is no single 'rant and rave' thread about problems relating to this product.  I've read enough posts on here to see that there are problems across several parts of this product and within each of those problem types it is not hard to find a bunch of people who share the problem.  Based on my limited experience thus far I might add that there are all sorts of other problems, albeit smaller perhaps, which are not documented here...needless to say I think you might be rolling the dice if you try to migrate to 9.0 in the near term.  If you were to ask for my recommendation I would suggest that you wait until sp3 is released and there are several weeks of positive feedback about it.



                  Regarding SPECIFIC problems with SP2...coming from an upatched version of 9.0 let me say that we had a provisioning template built which would allow us a single opportunity to take a windows XP machine and put windows 7 on top of it.  We could not take a windows 7 machine and reimage it.  To do that we had to go to SP1 and after having it up for a short while we realized that there were other things that we needed which then required SP2.  As soon as we applied SP2 we lost the ability to deploy windows 7 to any machine, even the previously working template for going XP to 7 was broken.  For the last 7 weeks or so its been one problem found and one patch to fix it followed by that patch breaking something that previously worked fine.  Last week I even rebuilt our landesk core in hopes of solving our provisioning problems but I'm back to where I started with SP2...a non-functioning product.  But hey, we might not be able to perform any disk imaging with this thing but at least we can utilize the remote control feature to snoop on our users while we wait for Landesk engineers to release a working version of their product.


                  One final thing; make sure that you understand how your old 8.8 production stuff will work in 9.0.  You might be able to migrate straight across without problems and begin turning on the 'new 9.0' features as you have time.  Then again 9.0 might be a big change and you might find that few of your old production tools work under the new environment...if possible I'd maybe try to keep your 8.8 system in one piece while you test out a 9.0 system.


                  good luck

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                    zman Master



                    Thanks for the kind words. James- not an employee. One thing that I'm somewhat unclear on is what the "true" purpose/intent of the community is from a LANDesk perspective. Is it a true technical support mechanism or a wide open community support mechanism, or a hybrid. One thing I tell people if you have a high priority issue/priority, speak with your TAM/SAM or open a case.  Many of us here a volunteers and it takes some time to answer posts, especially me lately since personal/professional life is very tight right now.  9.0 was a big shift and many of us are trying to get a handle on it and there are issues, as with all software. Also, it seems like more people are using the product and there appears to be many more posts.


                    One thing I think that would help a lot is a clear definition of purpose for the site from LANDesk. Is it a site where you will get support from LANDesk employees in X time frame or is it a community site where the members support it, or as I said above a hybrid. I think if you ask 20 members you will get 20 different answers.  Couple this with the Avocent LANDesk divorce you have some issues with timely response - that goes for me responding also...


                    Been in your same position with LANDesk and many more software companies and nothing I can say is going to make you feel any better, hopefully your issues will be addressed.  Beau, Paul and the rest of the guys put together a great site that helps out a crap load of people. Without the site, you probably would not have gotten that call - LOL. I remeber the old forum - yak.


                    I should be back in force in about a week or so....

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                      Whats this about a patch last week?

                      Why isn't LANDesk doing more to publicize fixes???

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                        I thought it was only us having issues with LDMS 9.0 SP2. We are in the same boat as you. Just upgraded in January 2011 i.e. LDMS 9.0 with SP2 and it is a complete disaster. Have even applied around 50 patches post SP2 and it is still a joke. I think SP2 was a total rush job to get it out and let the people do the regression testing. I still have couple of calls open with Tech Support and all they can do is provide another patch that fixes one problem and breaks the other. Am kind of now wondering why I should be doing this on a frequent basis. I think LANDesk should come down and fix their product at their own expense, as I have spent enough man hours doing this and do not see any value for money in this product any more. LDMS 8.8 was great only that it did not support Windows 7.


                        I asked Tech Support if SP2 was really tested since there are already more than 50 patches post its release and still counting, the case was closed without any comment.


                        Vote for SP3 too

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                          +1 on better support.... usually I get an answer from them, but only after 48 hours..even if its an important item.

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                            @ ZMAN


                            Like I said yesterday, it seems that some folks inside the support team are looking at how they can be more involved in this community than they have been recently; lets hope that someone high up the food chain approves the use of clock time for posting to this forum.  In my opinion the hybrid concept of landesk employees and public users contributing here is the better model.  Landesk would benefit from seeing how folks are 'actually using the product' and might even adopt some of the public practices into their own BKM articles provided that they can change/update the software to better fit the needs of the users; and on the other side the users could benefit from actually having a knowledgebase of known issues, workarounds, and fixes.


                            I'll re-state the point made earlier in touching on your suggestion that 9.0 was a big change from 8.8.  It seems to me that while there was a good knowledgebase built up in 8.8, we're now a year into using 9.0 and there are more posts here relating to questions and problems than there are actual helpful answers.  While I see landesk employee names listed in various subforums as being the most frequent posters it is my feeling that this was true in the past but not so much today.  After nine months on 9.0, my feeling has been that the public community is not knowledgeable enough with 9.0 to answer the questions I have had or address the problems I have faced and with the minimal employee presence of late I find the community less than helpful as a support tool.


                            I'd like to see this turn around and it seems like a simple thing to sell to management; as a landesk support guy I could spend 30 minutes answering a single question on the phone and help exactly one person and in the end that answer is gone the second the phone is put down...take that 30 minutes and answer 2-3 posts and not only have I helped 3 people, but those answers remain in the public space for as long as the product is available for use, thus helping countless others.  I realize that spending time on the community doesn't generate revenue in a direct fashion for the company as it does when answering PAID support calles, but it certainly makes the whole product more attractive.  Heck, I don't know how many times or how many folks held up the community as a selling point when I was being sold this product.  30 minutes of community time per employee per day, or maybe every other day, should be a reasonable allocation.  Lets hope it happens.



                            @ Chewie


                            You are absolutely correct in that Landesk could do a better job communicating the status of their product.  I'm going to guess that in the case of 9.0 SP2 that they would be afraid to publicly acknowledge how many problems there are with it.  While it wouldn't look good for them point out all of the product flaws, I'd offer that some extra pressure might help speed solutions along or at the very least impart the company with a very bad memory that they will not want to repeat.  Whatever the case may be, I do know that I've spent too many hours fussing with this thing trying to make it work only to call in, report the problem, and then instantly be told that a fix is available.  I mean if I had known that  from the outset, like I searched the community for the problem when I discovered it, then maybe I could have helped myself to the fix and been on my way without spending lots of my own time or bothering the suppport guys with yet another phone call about fix X.  A really good example of this came up last week:


                            after 45 minutes of waiting on hold and several hours of fussing before hand:

                            ME:  Yes I am calling about a problem with LDMS 9.0 SP2 with patches A, B, C and D.  I can't seem to do ______________.

                            LANDESK SUPPORT:  Okay, you need patch LD90-SP2-MCP_OSD-2011-0217; I'll send you the link.

                            ME:  Okay, thanks.



                            I get the patch and put it on then can't get into the console anymore....

                            ....I spend even more time double checking the release notes and what I have done....finally I call back


                            after another 30+ minutes of waiting on hold

                            ME:  Yes, I spoke with you a few hours ago.  You know that patch you gave me, LD90-SP2-MCP_OSD-2011-0217, it locked me out of the console.

                            LANDESK SUPPORT:  Oh, yes.  You need patch LD90-SP2-MCP_CONS-2011-0217 to allow you into the console.

                            ME:  Um, well it would have been nice to know about this when you told me about the first patch.

                            LANDESK SUPPORT:  Well I didn't know about the problem or the 2nd patch.  Here, I'll send it to you now.

                            ME:  okay thanks.




                            I mean this is just plain STUPID.  I don't care how it gets implemented, just give us access to a list of KNOW ISSUES with the product and which fixes are available as well as links to those patches.  Pretty much every patch I've applied reads BETA on it and the process of having to call into Landesk to get the links to the patches is again, STUPID, because they hand those beta patches out like candy if you can identify the patch number.  I've never been refused a patch that I've asked for, so I have to ask the question, why must I call in and ASK for something that is going to be given freely to me anyway?  this process just wastes time.


                            Regarding a patch last week, there is another OSD patch from the 9th, LD90-SP2-OSD-2011-0309.


                            this one was not any good for us; it solved the problem of PROVISIONING jumping ahead before individual actions were complete, but it broke the image handling of IMAGEW.EXE so now I can't deploy an image.  Its a step in the wrong direction because now I can't do anything with image deployment.

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                              LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

                              I too agree that there needs to be better communication of known issues and what patches are available to remedy them. I think LANDesk has heard this frustration because from what I have been told, they are starting to come out with montly component patches (MCP) that have been "tested" instead of having a crazy number of different smaller patches. I have already received some of these MCP and I think they will deliver them via "Download Updates" eventually. The goal is to have patches for the major components(OSD, SWD, RC, etc.) that incorporate all those little patches that they constantly deliver. I think this approach is much more efficient than what was being done before. Like I said, the communication is still lacking but I think they are trying to get there.

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                                zman Master

                                Vote for this http://community.landesk.com/support/ideas/1634 260 points and nothing

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