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    Path length too long?


      Is there a character length limitation to a source file?


      My replication job works well until it gets to this folder and file:


      \\snkxw-landesk\LDMS\Software\Doubleclick\AdManager\Java 1.4.2_19\Common\Java\Update\Base Images\j2re1.4.2-b28\patch-j2re1.4.2_19-b04\patchjre.exe


      If I change the folder name from "patch-j2re1.4.2_19-b04" to "patch", it replicates fine.  I counted the characters to this path, it comes out to 146.  No where near the magical 256 character length restriction we're all used to.  When I changed the folder name to "path", that cut the path length down to 129 characters, which worked.  So, does that mean the path length restriction is somewhere between 129 and 146 characters.  If so, why that number?

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          Upon further research and testing, I found that it appears the limitation is on the path up to the folder name.  It does not appear to care how long the file name is.


          I renamed the folder a few times and found that the maximum length that would work is 130 characters:

          \\snnyw-landesk\LDMS\Software\Doubleclick\AdManager\Java 1.4.2_19\Common\Java\Update\Base Images\j2re1.4.2-b28\patch12345678901234



          I also added more files to that folder with filenames up to 25 characters long.  Which all succeeded.  But as soon as I added 1 more character to the folder name, it would fail.


          I also tested this on both a Win7 64bit Replicator and a WinXP 32bit Replicator.  The differece being that the cache is in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Landesk" vs "C:\Program Files\Landesk".  It does not appear to be a path length issue on the Replicator.



          Can anyone explain this?

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            I've seen the very same issue with folder length, unfortunately there isn't much I can do to change the length as all the files need to be where they are now.


            Did oyu ever get any feedbackon this?

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              See my other post...





              Basically, content replication is not ready for prime time.

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                Nice :/


                Ive used it at another site and I've gotta be honest, it worked quite well. But this site has some pieces of software which someone didn't think about the folder names when creating the install media so the file path is rather large!


                Will have to raise a call me thinks then! Cheers for the fast response though

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                  Just out of interest you may find that the reason for the file limit could be an OS limitation in the fact a folder path length can only be 256 characters. when you consider that prior to your file / folder path you'll also have "c:\program files(x86)\landesk\ldclient\sdmcache\" it may take you closer to the patch size limitation.