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    Software Distribution after CORE server change



      We created a 2nd LanDesk and migrated everything accross. The server is running 8.7SP4. We are not having any issues with the normal functionality of the server.



      I have a test machine which is a fresh build of XP and a new client installed from the new core. I have created a new package of Syamntec V10  to test as we have never used software deployment!



      On a push deployment I am getting the errors attached.  The new server is called 'LanDesk' the Symantec software was on RDGTO09 and the old server had an IP of and name of 'smsserver'(don't ask) It's now switched off and in a corner.



      I don't understand the error http://[email protected]/ldlogon/FileLists/taskmanifest.SMSSERVER.94.18.ini : (8000070B)



      It is referencing the management gateway for an internal machine?






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