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    Support Options and the Community

    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

      I have noticed a growing contention here in the Community about the lack of LANDesk Employees providing official support here in the Community.


      (See http://community.landesk.com/support/thread/14651?tstart=0 for an example)



      It got me wondering, what it stance on this and what it the industry norm as well.



      I am NOT an LANDesk employee, all that I say is my opinion.



      LANDesk offers several support options as found here   http://www.landesk.com/support/#one


      You can click on one of the several links on the right side of the page for more information.



      It appears that unless you pay for addition levels of support that you are limited in what you should expect. If you do not pay for suport you can hope and pray that someone will answer it here, but you should not "expect" it to be.

      LANDesk Base Support provides software upgrade protection and  self-directed support through the LANDesk Technical Community and  available online documentation. Best known methods (BKM) documents,  white papers, support bulletins, and interaction with other LANDesk  customers in the technical community forum are just a few of the  resources available to customers. Should you still need access to  LANDesk support professionals, LANDesk offers Incident Pack Support for  organizations requiring added flexibility.



      I do not see anywhere where they state that you should expect full LANDesk provided support in the Community.  As I have found with many forumns, other users provide much of the content.  I have seen LANDesk employees respond in the Community to those that post about an issue they are having and need a response that the user should contact support directly.



      Yes, I would love to see LANDesk be more involved in here in the Community and provide us with more information, especially when they know there are widespread issues that many are seeing and that there are hot fixes for those, etc.




      I think ZMAN stated it pretty well:


      One thing I think that would help a lot is a clear definition of purpose  for the site from LANDesk. Is it a site where you will get support from  LANDesk employees in X time frame or is it a community site where the  members support it, or as I said above a hybrid. I think if you ask 20  members you will get 20 different answers.



      I am fortunate in that the company I work for has purchased TAM support and let me tell you, I have my TAM earning every dollar we pay for him, and he is great. I have learned a lot from in here as well, and try to contribute back.


      I have also found that there are many folks here (users) that go out of their way to answer questions with ZMAN (always) coming to mind, plus you will see that there are some LANDesk employees such as Paul Hoffmann that are on here often, and as often as I see Paul on here, I am betting he is doing MUCH of it on his own time.


      IMHO, any company purchasing LANDesk for the first time should purchase a support "package" that meets their needs at least for the first year.  I would strongly suggest it be renewed, but at least initially there is going to be a learning curve and technical issues where support will be needed!



      How can "we" (Non-LANDesk Employee's) help?


      We need to be active here and help others.  If we see an issue, we should post about it.  Perhaps others are having that same issue.  Someone might know about the fix and can share it, perhaps it is an issue that "we" do not know how to fix and if there is a lot of chatter on here, LANDesk is sure to see it and realize this is a wide spread issue.


      If you see an issue that affects or did affect you, you should chime in constructivly, be it as simple as "I am affected too, please share the fix if you get one" to providing the solution to the issue.


      This Community has always been a friendly one where newbies were not flamed for asking the same question that has been asked a thousand times by others and could have been found with a simple search and I have been very proud to be part of it for that reason among others.


      Slamming LANDesk is not the answer, I do not mean we should not share our issues, both positive and negative, but lets be constructive.