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    Windows 7 Remote Control Issue

    salocano Rookie

      I started having this issue with a couple of Windows 7 computers using Remote Control. They both launch the Remote Control window but then nothing happens.


      It works fine in another two WIndows 7 Computers.


      Here is an image of the screen.

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          The first thing that Remote Control should do is try to contact the machine; the status bar at the bottom should show a sequence that looks like this:


          3/17/2011 11:57:32 Attempting to contact remote computer on xxx.xxx.4.127;computername

          3/17/2011 11:57:33 Trying to connect to xxx.xxx.4.127 using TCP
          3/17/2011 11:57:33 The remote computer on xxx.xxx.4.127 was contacted using TCP.



          my guess is that if you see nothing then perhaps remote control doesn't know where to look to find the computer; still it is strange that you don't get any feedback.  Since you say that this behavior is confined to just two machines, and the RC works with others, then I'd have to ask "how are the machines different?"


          One thing you might try to do is refresh the hardware and software inventory for the two affected computers and retry RC.


          good luck

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            I was seeing the same issue. Maybe try to see if the check mark for "Remote Control" is not on. "Tools|Remote Control" Or maybe switching from LAN to broadband" and back. Sometimes that would start the session up. "

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              Bradley_M Apprentice

              For whatever reason it works better after we switch the isscntr.exe to compatiblity mode when initiating Remote Control from a Windows 7 machine.  It is located here: C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ServerManager\RCViewer.  We switch to Vista SP2 or XP SP3.


              We are running LANDesk 9 SP2.

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                We had a similar issue there is an additional setting for WIN7 on the local machine for remote assist. System Properties>Remote  "Allow Connection from running any version of remote desktop" See .JPG