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    Landesk Management Gateway Clients (Mac)


      Hi Guys


      Just a quick rundown of  my issue. I have a tested the Gateway on both Pc's and Macs, the Pc side i have no issues with working perfectly,


      The Macs i have got to work if I set up the Landesk Managment Gateway Client with login details to request a certificate, the problem is that i need to push the login details to all the Mobile Macs to update the Brokerconfig. At the moment all the Clients are blank, what would the best process to update the Gateway Clients?

      Here's what i'm presented with, if i add the Login mane and password, select Always through the Management Gateway, i can connect to it after the certificate  has been requested.                






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          Just to add to this, I have continued to run tests and found that the /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.landesk.remote.plist is not running correctly.


          If I run the launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.landesk.remote.plist and reload from the terminal the Mac appears in the Gateway list launch pad.


          I can then control it..(Mac)




          1. Has Landesk resolved the Mac gateway issue, if so when are we to see a patch?

          2. Can I use a alternative, like a Firefox plugin that can be run to request a certificate from the gateway and appear in the landing page.