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    CI Process?


      Hi all,


      Looking for a little general advice really, we have a new requirement and I'm wondering about the best solution to this.


      Verison 7.3.2


      The Request


      To move our spreadsheet based list of customers who have been given a vpn token over into Service Desk; basic token and customer details will be recorded, such as token expiry date, date issued etc.


      We wish to set up some sort of process so that the system will flag up tokens (possibly by emailing to a nominated person/team and customer) when their token is due to expire within the next x days.


      Any ideas on the best way to achieve this? Such as, where best to setup a new process to handle this as there's the incident, problem and change modules but as this would probably be setup as a config item does anyone have any idea where this may be best to setup or have any general advice on how they tackled a similar request?


      Many thanks.

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          aparker Employee

          Hi Darren,


          There are a few ways that you could attack this, but a dedicated process is probably the best place to start. In reality, where you place the process really doesn't matter, but you might think of using the Call domain. A couple of questions that you might want to ask to help make a decision on the best way forward. 1. do VPN tokens get passed around from one customer to another? 2. Do you need to have he definitive list of tokens as CIs?


          In essence, the best way to do this would be to have a process that linked the customer to token. These two value along with an expirey date are all may need to store. You can then build the process to go from an Open state toa status of 'In Use' for example. To make this complete, try using a scheduled bulk action that check each night to see which processes are at that state and are due to expire.(Test where date is within the next 7 days) The schedule can then execute a process action to send email alerts and mayeb change the status to 'Expirey Due'. This will ensure only one message gets sent. You could even invoke a 1 week service level at the Expirey Due status to send regular messages.


          Sorry this is brief, but hopefull it gives you some ideas.



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            Thanks a lot for the response Andy, that's given us some good pointers to think about.