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    How can i do a shutdown in WinPE?


      When I define a task in WinPE to shutdown, get the message that, in WinPE it is only possible to restart. So i defined a task with the command "wpeutil shutdown".

      Now the shutdown works fine, but in Landesk the task remains active. I have to delete these dead "active" tasks every time. I do not want to install the provisioning agent. The provisioning is for notebooks, which are not in the domain or in our network.


      How can I send a shutdown at the end from the provisioning and Landesk completes the task as successfull?

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          Cedric GRENON Apprentice

          Hi igeoper,


          Try to use 'execute file' and type : "shutdown -a -t 5"


          The delay will await the return of the action and complete task of provisioning
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            Since when is a shutdown.exe in WinPE?


            Of course, I can mount the image with Dism and paste the shutdown.exe. But I want a solution that works without addition. Finally, they offer a shutdown in the provisioning, so it must work.

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              ahe Expert



              take a look in the landesk directories on your booted WinPE.


              In CBA you will find the batches "reboothandler.bat" and "shutdownhandler.bat" and the exe file "winrestart.exe"... perhaps they can help a bit...

              I think it could be the command "winrestart -d", but I haven't tested it 'til know...

              Usage: winrestart [options]
                -b      Do not background reboot process
                -d      Shutdown (not restart) the system
                -p name Name of "let finish" executable
                -s #    Seconds to delay
                -t #    Seconds to wait for executable to finish
                -v      Display Version String
                -?      Display this message



              In LDClient dir you can find "reboot.exe", this makes a reboot immediately. I don't know if there exist parameters for a shutdown only...




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                Thanks for your help.


                X:\cba8\winrestart.exe -d -s 5


                The client will shut down and the task will appear to be successful. As a workaround, absolutely usable.