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    Known Problems - a suggestion

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi Folks,


      As everyone is probably aware we've been testing 7.4 over the past month.  As with any new product/major update there are always bound to be bugs and design flaws.


      So it would be great if there was some way of checking online what has already been identified as a known problem  (kind of like the ER area), and which have been fixed or are being treated most urgently etc..


      We can spend days trying to work out why something isn't working only to eventually find out it's a known problem, as we did recently with an import issue.


      As always, LanDesk support staff have been great,  but as with all techies they are busy with huge workloads.  Community members being able to identify known problems and comment on them without bothering support staff might ease their workload a bit too.


      I know no company wants to advertise faults with their product - but I think this would be really useful.


      Just a thought.


      *** Apologies if this already exists and I'm being stupid. ***


      Cheers - Adam.

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          gramsay Specialist

          I was thinking of starting a thread of 7.4 bugs anyway. There are certainly plenty of them. 

          Your import issue doesn't involve scheduled imports by any chance?

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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            If it helps "the cause" we needed to implement the following 7.4 patches in order to Go-Live with Self Service:


            • P-5003. WriteOnce functionality is inconsistent between Console and Web Desk when default values are set.
            • P-5050. Lists created using direct lookup from external data sources do not show values in Web Desk.
            • P-5086/4989.  Can't save records if a direct lookup attribute is populated via a copy rule.
            • P-5096.  The scroll bars are not displayed on Self Service dashboard gadgets.
            • P-5134. End Users can log in to Web Desk when using integrated login.
            • Interim tactical patch to remove the Audit Trail which was subsequently published as P-5113.
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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              When were these patches released?

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                Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                Not sure as we received gradually over time in response to issues we'd found but sometime between late Jan and now I'd say.



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                  Hi Adam - I had several cracks at this with LANDesk in the past and touchpaper prior to that.  I never managed to get any substantial progress because of the dirty washing issue you alude to.  Fair enough I can understand that, even though I don't agree with it.  It is certainly frustrating to work on an issue for some time, reproducing it in an OOTB database only to discover it's a known issue.  I have better things to do with my evenings, as do we all :-)


                  I suspect some of the support teams may share your views, but its the management layers a couple of levels above that and in product management that would need to buy into the idea to make it happen.  No-one thought this community forum would be launched for much the same reasons, but it was!


                  So the best of Kiwi luck with that - I'm happy to say I think it's a good/nay great idea.  I think one way of getting it to happen would be for 'someone' to set up, or even suggest setting up, an alternative site to distribute and control rumours of issues.  Perhaps the LANDesk Skeptic would be a good name for such a site, nodding in the direction of the ITIL Skeptic, also from kiwi land.  Hummm I must register a domain name while I can before the lawyers track me down.

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                    aparker Employee

                    He says 'best of Kiwi luck' with his lovely pure English accent.

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                      Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



                      Yep I agree. We've asked for too multiple times in the last year and to no avail.


                      IMHO also there are commercial aspects too, as I'd suggest that if a version is observed to be having lots of problems then customers may choose to hold off upgrading and then the LANDesk consultancy and project management revenues get hit as everyone holds off buying/using implementation days.


                      So they'd rather we wasted our time discovering bugs they already knew about than waste/lose consultancy time (days) instead (as a result of publishing a known errors list) and hope that consultants can slip in patches etc at install time without making it too obvious!


                      I really feel sorry for support in having to be the "bad people" and have to say "oh yes we know about that one and there's a patch for it....."!

                      Unless LANDesk want to tell the community different, I'm personally not aware of any rules that say we can’t post patch numbers that we've used to date in the progress of our solutions.  Maybe they can comment!




                      Oh and as aside the community access is by invitation to LANdesk customers only isnt it (ie they have to approve membership requests?) so surely less danger of a known errors/patches list falling into "enemy" (competitors) hands?

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                        afrogers Apprentice

                        I'll echo what's already said, the first thing I do when I look at a new version is to get a list from support of the all the patches available and known bugs and I will keep doing this for 7.4 up to the point of final UAT testing before go live.


                        The problem with the patches available is they all come with big health warnings about not being regression tested etc. (what does that really mean?).  I think its about time they introduced proper bundled hotfix releases, which contain all previous hotfixes and which are fully supported and tested.

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                          afrogers Apprentice

                          In the interests of transparency here's the full list of patches available on the 7th March, here's the health warning from support:


                          "As I mentioned before, we do not make these patches available on a general basis. This  is not something we would publish on the forum as there has been no  regression testing on these, so we prefer to release these only when  necessary to fix a particular problem. I would recommend that you only install patches to fix a particular issue you are having."


                          5121 When modifying option actions a second time an object reference error is displayed in Process Designer
                          5113 The audit trail is visible in Self Service 
                          5102 LDMS desktop manager actions in Self Service ONLY should not be available
                          5096 The scroll bars are not displayed on Self Service dashboard gadgets
                          5087 Slow performance when re-expanding dropdown lists with a large number of records
                          5086,  4989, 5050 5086 and 4989 - Can't save records if a direct lookup  attribute is populated via a copy rule, 5050 - Lists created using  direct lookup from external data sources do not show values in Web Desk
                          5077 The keyboard shortcut for paste (Control V) does not function in the Knowledge Search field
                          5073 Russian characters are lost on webdesk shortcuts after modifying the properties
                          5014 Support for LANDesk Management Suite LDMS88

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                            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                            Be aware we have found that P-5087 reverts the dropdowns to pre 7.4 mode ie you have to press "clear selection" again just when you got used to not having too!


                            Whether a bug in patch or by design who knows but as Anthony says these arent being regression tested!!



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                              aserrano SupportEmployee

                              Thanks everyone for the constructive feedback on this thread. Improving product quality is a key focus for us at LANDesk as well as driving innovation that helps our customers achieve increased ROI from our products. We would like to ensure our efforts are well aligned with the needs of our customer base and your on-going feedback is very valuable towards helping our prioritization.


                              As part of our sustaining process we look to address those issues, outside our release cycle, that have a higher business impact to our customers. Since the release of LANDesk Service 7.4 we have implemented some key beta hotfixes and are in the process of posting them publicly in Community. We will update this thread with the articles for the benefit of those subscribed to this discussion.


                              Beta fixes are fully supported by LANDesk and the new code gets rollup up into our future code branches. As part of our sustaining process we also validate that each fix addresses the problem raised and would encourage any customers facing an specific issue to review the benefits the beta fix can bring to their implementation and when deemed appropriate include it as part their respective change control process. This discussion happens to be rather timely as we have recently embarked on a new project with views to soon automate the publication of sustaining fixes into Community.


                              In the Systems and Security product lines we currently build cumulative hotfixes into Service Packs that include regression testing and this is a process that we are planning to consolidate also for our Service Desk product lines in the coming months. This enables our customers to take advantage of our latest quality baseline for the release. 


                              Hope this helps clarify our strategy regarding this topic and you find that it better aligns our processes with your needs.


                              Thanks again for taking the time to share your views and please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly should I can be of any further assistance or you have further feedback or ideas regarding this matter.




                              Antonio Serrano

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                                Stu McNeill Employee

                                Hi all,


                                As Antonio said we're currently working on how to change the way patches are released, but for now we've put the 7.4 patches we feel relevant to most customers in a document here: Recommended patches for Service Desk 7.4.


                                As Julian mentioned, P 5087 does revert the dropdown behaviour that was changed in 7.4.  This is by design as it was the quickest way to resolve the performance issue the new behaviour caused.  The new behaviour may be re-implemented but this will be in a future release.

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                                  Damn just when I was looking forward to bulding that web site :-)


                                  But what the heck is a beta fix?  It's either production quality or not.  Most of our customers, especially in government, have pretty strict rules on what is allowed to go into production and anything that smacks of beta is going to give us grief on almost all sites.


                                  Can we have some clarification on that Antonio?  I know we don't fit a patch unless wehave the problem, but if you do, how do you know it's beta or GA?

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                                    Humm there may be more than 1 step back here.  We have found on one site with 5087 one cannot open user accounts in the administration component.  Anyone deploying this patch might want to try that out first.

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