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    Article Expiry Query


      Version 7.3.2


      Hi all,


      A quick question regarding the expiry date attribute that is OOTB on the article object; as this moves articles back to the start of a knowledge process when the expiry date is reached, does anyone know if it's possible to create a query based on this to show all expired articles? Or is process and/or attribute design work needed to achieve this?


      Perhaps I'm missing something but I can't see how this expiry date attribute checks and moves the article when this is expired; is this taken care of in the background by the system and not accessible to be used on a query or am I simply missing something obvious here? (highly likely)


      Many thanks

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          The functionality of the expiring date is relatively new and is part of the knowledge management service running on your apps server.  If that is running (as really it should be), then it will check the date and do the magic.


          You can just write a query against Knowledge Management/articles and add in all the good stuff, including expring dates.  Put a criteria on to look for those that will expire in (say) 2 months time and you get a heads up.


          What would have been nice is for knowledge management processes to have assignment and reminders so that you could have a scheduled task in LANDesk to look for these articles and wake the process up, send messages for you.  But it doesn't.


          However if you care to vote here ....





          then it may get into the product at some point.

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            Hi Dave,


            Thanks for the response, I've already voted on the enhancement you linked as that would be a great help; thanks again.

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              nice, friendly up !!

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                Just one other thing to add to this topic, I'm not sure if this'll be possible but just throwing it out there; Is it possible to specify an alternative status for the knowledge service to move expired knowledge articles to? So, for example, instead of the article moving back to the beginning of the knowledge process it'll move to another specified status instead, such as a user-created status of 'Expired Article' for example. I think this would help to clearly set apart the expired articles from all the others at the beginning of the process.


                Any ideas? Thanks.

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                  You could run a scheduled task in LDSD that looks at 'stuff' every day and then performs a process access.  That could could be one of your own that moves the process elsewhere.  YOu'd need to run this before the knowledge management scheduled start time though.  PS I'm only making a guess here, but it sounds reasonable to me

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                    Hi Dave,


                    That's certainly an option. If you're happy to base this on a query such as show me all articles where the expiry time is within x period; which is fine, although, I was kind of hoping for a way for the system to recognise when an article actually has expired too and to then move all of those expired articles to another status. The query to show which ones are about to expire is a good heads up, I'm just concerned some could get missed if they then expire and don't show up in that query any longer, so a different status of 'Expired' that captures all of those (seperate from the beginning of the process) would have been ideal.


                    Ah well, if it's not possible then that's fair enough, we'll have to make sure they're all addressed before they actually expire.

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                      I think that is very possible.  The 'hard coded' system just retires an article.  By using your own scheduled task and looking at upcomming expiring dates, you can do the same thing or something else.  e.g. when the scheduled tasks runs and finds any article about to expire in the next n days, run a process action called frog on that article.  That frog process action could expire the artile OR do anything else a process action can do.  Does that sound more useful?

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                        I think I follow you Dave; we'll create a new status then for expired articles and get it to move all articles expiring in x time to that status via a scheduled task.


                        Should do the trick, thanks a lot.