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    error code 5(0x5)




      I have installed LD9 sp2 on the core and an updated client on an other server.

      In order to set up file replication on the core server i had first to replace lddwnld.dll in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient with the newer version of the file. Because I had the error : "This action requires a newer version of lddwnld.dll.  Please update the client."

      Now the replication process try to start but it is stoped by error code 5. here is a log sample:


      Heure actuelle : 2011-03-18  09:18:20
      Traitement de '\\coreserver\ldlogon\spyware' vers 'other_server'
      Connexion à '\\coreserver\ldlogon\spyware'
      Connexion à '\\other_server\ldlogon\spyware\'
           Échec. Erreur : 5 (0x5)
      Heure actuelle : 2011-03-18  09:18:21

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          Hi Flyone,


          I'm not sure if this is the same problem as you're seeing or not... but I just got the 0x5 error as well. Mine turned out to be invalid write credentials for the preferred server. I back-tracked it by going to the preferred server and looking through the security log. When I saw the failures coming from the account I was using and the 'incorrect username or password' I went back and updated the password in the console and it worked. I must have fat fingered the password or had caps lock on, but this resolved it for me.


          --hope this helps