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    Vulnerability and Patch query not producing correct results


      I know I must be doing something wrong.  Here's the scenario.  I can right click on a computer and go to Security and Patch definitions and see (lets say) 120 patches for a given computer were installed Yesterday.  I also sat in front of this PC and watched all 120 patches get installed.  Yet, I go to create a query to report on all patches installed yesterday and it only comes up with 39!.  I've went to Patch and Compliance defintions and also Security and Patch Definitions.  My only criteria was this specific computer.  The most I can report on is 39 vuln IDs.  Like I said, per the attached image, I can see all 120 patches referenced, but I am unable to produce an accurate query where device name = xxx and show all vuln IDs. Why for not can I produce this query?  I'm stumped? Best regards, Rich