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    SEP client install intercepted by LanDesk's Software Mon


      Good morning. Hopefully someone can provide a work around to this issue that I am experiencing. Here is the issue. We are in the process of upgrading the antivirus clients on all systems at the company. I can deploy the upgrade packages fine, using Symantecs deployment engine. The issue starts when the package arrives at the client machine. The problem I am running into is that LanDesk's Software Monitor process, intercepts the install process, and prompts the user to acknowledge that something is trying to install on the machine. This is VERY annoying, because we have over a 1000 systems that need this new upgrade, and it is a waste of time to have to manually accept the install process on each system, or tell the user to click allow each time;-/. Mind you I have to manually click accept twice once for the initial install and a second for the SEP process to start.


      Is there a way to by pass this without having to redeploy the LanDesk agents, or removing the Software Monitor process. Are there exception rules that can be created to help out.