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    Replace Core Server


      Hi All


      We have had some presistent issues with landesk and that combined with being an old 2003 box have decided we would like to upgrade the server.


      What is the best way to build a new server to replace the old without having to roll out new management configs to the clients (if at all). I would like all the work to be done on the server and the clients are unknown to the change.



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          still the most relevant document?

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            You didn't mention whether you intended to stay with 8.x or were going to 9.0...?  Maybe you are already on version 9?


            if you rely on that document for facts on 9.0 then you will discover some holes to fill depending on your current circumstances.


            here is a relevant thread that you might look at:




            Here is an enhancement request relating to installing a clean 9.0 installation and trying to connect it to an EXISTING 9.0 database; which isn't currently supported:





            If you would like to retain communication with your existing agents I do know there is a way to partially retain this; you'll need to bring a copy of the .0 or dot-zero file from a client over to the new box.  Essentially this is a certificate that permits the new landesk core to communicate with the existing population of clients.  I believe, but don't know for sure, that you'll need to redeploy your agents with the new certificate once you get the new box running. When you configure your agents you can put a check box next to the certificates that you want that agent to use...I think this is a way to get agents to talk with multiple cores-again I'm not sure about this.



            If at all possible you might consider hanging onto your old box in the event that you need to get something off it after you have rolled out the new one. I didn't catch everything that I needed when I backed mine up initially.


            good luck.

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              Thanks for the info AspenSkier.


              I am actually running a 9.0 SP2 box and trying to replace with a clean 9.0 SP2 install. THe Previous box has been upgraded from 8.8 through every version to 9sp2 and we think itm ay benefit from a refresh.

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                okay; that sounds familiar to me.  We had a 9.0 install from last Summer that became gummed up with SP1, SP2, and then all of the patches to fix the problems with SP2 and more patches to solve problems with patches, etc.  After the rebuild and repatching I simply confirmed the sequence for how we 'patched our core into a broken state'.  The rebuild did not freshen things up for us at all; it still had problems as late as yesterday.  I've taken to restoring some files backed up during the patching process and I may actually have a working core for the first time in two months.


                In any event, should you decide to rebuild, make sure that you follow the advice in that other post to backup the various bits.


                When you perform the clean install you should be able to do it straight at the SP2 level.  Because Landesk provides no provision for you to connect to the 9.0 database that you already have you will need to create a NEW database which you will never actually use...the new database will just let you get through the installation process.  After you have the new core up and running with the empty database, you can go into CONFIGURE SERVICES and repoint the new core to the old 9.0 database.  Then after you have gone through that process you can visit that Enhancement Request to get landesk to provide a more straightforward installation path for those of us who already have a 9.0 database.



                -again, you need to focus on more than just the database here.  Think about where you have customized files on the core and get them backed up.  Do the core migration backup tool route and anything else previously mentioned.  If you have a support contract you should probably figure out how to get the certificates off the old server and how to place them on the new server so that you can keep communicating with your existing agents.  I think you will still need to redeploy them after the new core is put together simply because it will have a new cert...but I'm no expert here.  I redeployed agents following my rebuild.


                good luck; please feel free to share your results when you are done.  The whole process took me one day; hopefully you will go through it more quickly.

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                  Thanks ASpen.


                  This sounds like its going to be alot of fun....... Feel free to help us out with an easy upgrade path anytime LANDesk.